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That is, Infernal Lover - a 40 ep Mainland drama that recently finished airing. I remember they were filming this but did not realize they were done.

IL is set at the turn of the century and stars Mike He and Deng Jia Jia as, respecitvely, an undercover nationalist agent and a beggar girl who falls in love with his kindness. There is a lot of intrigue, guns, and period clothes. Being a Chinese drama involving a civil war, I can just foresee how well it will end. The question is not if anyone will die but how many corpses will we be dealing with precisely.

No downloadable subs/subbed DVDs are out yet, but viikii is subbing it. I am so excited to start on this! It is turning out that Chinese period dramas are my favorite ones. I am also curious to see Mike He in a role which actually demands he act (I adore him, though he usually coasts on his sweet bad boy image, but the one time I saw him actually bother to act - Love Contract, he was darn good).

Plus, look at this shippy adorableness in the form of the nonspoilery MV

I am on such a ridiculous c/twdrama kick, it's insane - am watching LOCH 2008, Yang Brothers, Easy Fortune Happy Life, Summer Desire, Men and Legends, and now Infernal Lover. At the same time.

Shall I ever return to kdrama pastures? Once Bad Guy comes back on, probably.


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