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I have just started a Taiwanese drama Black and White, about two rather different cops who end up paired up to investigate a drug-distribution deal which turns into a giant conspiracy.

Two episodes in and I highly recommend it, even if you are not normally into dramas - slick production values, twisty plot, strong women, the mob, two awesome cops etc etc - I can see this as a British series.

All that, and endless possibilities for slash.

So far, here are the five main characters:

"Hero" Wu. Hero is not his real name, of course, but he's been nicknamed that, probably because of his total dedication to his work and his obsession with solving cases - he has no life outside of work, is quick to judgment, pretty fearless, and makes a straight arrow look crooked. Oh, and he is also super hot and good with a gun.

Chen Zai Tian. A recent transfer from a different police department, Zai Tian loves fast cars, pretty ladies and nice clothes. He lives in a lux apartment and seems to solve cases by recieving tips from a mysterious informant via a fax machine. There is something decidedly off about all this, especially since traces of the new powerful drug 'Dreamer' have been found on him, but he seems to be on the level while trying to catch the criminals. Sort of a mystery. Of course he and Hero loathe each other on sight.

Chen Lin is San Lian's Missy. She is awesome. She is the only child of the Mob Boss of the fearsome San Lian organization, and when we first meet her, she flips Zai Tian over the hood of a police car without breaking a sweat and is totally uncowed by interrogation. The odd partners arrest her without realizing who she is and get in a heck of trouble. She is somehow involved in the Dreamer consipracy.

Clever and capable scientist who works for the department and is good friends with Hero. I kinda ship them and want something more...

Guo Yi is the ruthless mastermind of Dreamer - he appears very clever and utterly without scruples.

If you like slashiness, I am sure there will be plenty:

If you like het, likewise.

Hero gets heroic sans clothes:

Zai Tian gets a bit too close to a suspect :)

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