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1. While the makers of BOF seem terrified that anything other than its leads imitating dead fish while kissing or even, God forbid, holding hands, would bring down Korean law and order, Return of Iljimae, also currently airing, has no problems with scenes like this between the unmarried OTP of the drama. Ahhh, the humanity!

I feel depraved already!

Joking aside, The Return of Iljimae is criminally overlooked. For my money (all $5 of it), RoI is the best kdrama not only of 2009 so far, but all of 2008 as well. I know it sounds pretentious, but it's that rare beast - drama as art. But it doesn't lose any entertainment value for it. And if you don't like streaming on viikii, the first ep came out with excellent and downloadable subs already so you can watch it in HD. Come on, period drama about growing into adulthood, revenge, justice, and love. How could you not want to watch it?

2. I have been following Princess Ja Myung Go (also being subbed on viikii, but you can dl first ep with subs in HD at aja-aja.com) and I love it. It is also the most woman-centric drama I have ever seen - all period dramas I have come across have strong female characters, but I have never seen one with such a female focus. A word of advice to evil backstory King though - perhaps it would be easier to keep your chief general loyal if you didn't order him to off both his daughters on basis of a rather shaky prophesy. I'm just saying, he's the guy with the troops!

3. I have also been watching Cain and Abel - am still only on ep 4 because I am watching so many things at once, but I really really like it. The word that comes to mind the most when thinking about it is how competent it is - competently written, directed, acted. Especially when contrasted with something like BOF which has the air of by the seat of its pants.


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