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I think I have just fallen for the vampire* warrior leader.

I am so predictable - all it took was the childhood flashback in ep 3, where he was remembering how he first met Si Yeon. Because he didn't want to learn how to use the sword (or to fight) and so the vampire teachers kept torturing him (I was already annoyed at the hierarchy from the first two eps, and the way they treated kids didn't make me like them any better) and she actually gave him a handkerchief and tried to defend him during training. And that's why he picked up the training sword/stick thingy for the first time - to protect her when the teachers started whaling on her instead. AWWW. I am sold.

Also, the other vamp warrior lady whose name escapes me (but she is played by the gorgeous Han Ye Seul) clearly has hots for him, so he might be better off reciprocating, because Si Yeon and hot fighter of vamps cop are clearly the forbidden OTP of this drama and I love them to bits anyway. OT3?

Ah well, doesn't matter, I bet everyone dies in the end.

This drama is SO my thing!

* I call them vamps even though they are called "foxes" in the story - they are a different kind of beings that look human, can fight extra well, turn into dust if stabbed in a specific place, prey on humans (their livers, specifically), and are engaged in secret war with humans where they want to take over. Basically vampires.

General and unspoilery vid (those are super-hard to find for this drama):

Relationship-heavy and very very spoilery mv:


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