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Let's see what's happening in the land of poor rich boys, plucky poor girls, and evil parents.

This ep was very fun, I must say! I am going to miss BOF, plot holes and all.

Jun Pyo is begging Jandi to tell him not to go. Jandi, stick to your guns, he should do or not do things of his own motivation!

Lee Min Ho is just so darn pretty!

Poor JP!

Yi Jung, we've all felt like this during the fiancee arc, you are not alone!

He does not want to get married.

Never fear, Mama will provide a motivator:

Look at it this way, JP! If she were the stepmom from Lovers, she'd already have Jandi gangraped and killed, just to give you some grief...

Happy happy groomsmen!

Now, that is what I call a blissful bridegroom.

Her delight in her kid's misery is rather delightful - now there is a woman who knows how to keep herself busy and happy.

Being blackmailed into marriage (by your own mother!) has never looked so hot!

Ga Eul's dress was fug so I didn't cap the lower part because it's pretty from the waist up:

What a happy couple!

And Jae Kyung speaks up and says she can't get married:

And really, that's the only way he can be free, because of evilness of Mama:

I almost screamed when the Minister asked if anyone else has any objections to the wedding and Ji Hoo calmly stood up and said he does. JH is really JP's best friend - if JP was married, JH would have a chance with Jandi but he won't do that.

And then Woo Bin gets up too:

And then Yi Jung, who is starting to crack up at this chaos (side note, what is Woo Bin wearing? Did the designer of Goong sneak on set when nobody was looking):

And Ga Eul gets up to object too. This must have been a fun wedding to go to!

So pretty!

Jae Kyung's bodyguards rescued Jandi (how did she know about kidnap enough to prevent it) and Secretary Jung prevents Mama's bodyguards from the chase.

This scene needs no commentary, just mad squee.

Nuna is happy for her dorky brother...

This scene with Yi Jung and Ga Eul is very very pretty. You know, they could become BFFs if the romance thing doesn't work out.

Awww, YJ, you might claim you don't believe in happy endings but you totally do, and heee, Ga Eul is crying because the break up of the wedding was so romantic. LOL.

Flashback to boring first love Eun Chae - also, Yi Jung, it's unsanitary to suck someone's cut finger. (Side note: is he afraid of vampires? Why does he always have something around his neck?)

She is all "meet me at 7am." I would not date someone who expected me to get up that early!

Ji Hoo is pretty in his pain!

Blahblah JaeKyung, still don't care about you.

Once again, shippy squee.

Anybody willing to bet they so did it on this bed? The whole scene does cut out after the kiss later and then it is morning...


Gazing at the stars...

Awww, look how happy they are!

She asks him why he is so good at the star stuff and he says it's because when he was little, his father sent him a telescope for Christmas with a note saying that if he studies, they'll go look at the stars together. She is all "so, you used to go stargazing with your Dad?" and he replies that no,he studied enough to become an astronomer but a few years later for Christmas he got another telescope. And he found out his father's secretary is the one who picked out the presents. Yikes. Well, at least Papa Kang is not Satan Incarnate the way Mama Kang is, so I guess it makes him a better parent by default?

And then he says does she know what his dream is, and she says "to go see stars with your son?" to which he says that is so corny :P and no, he wants to be a man who keeps all the promises he makes. Awwww. (Also, if anyone tells me this isn't a blatant foreshadowing of a coda with JP, Jandi and their sprog, I am not liiiiiistening - because I want to see it and it would be the cutest thing ever).

And then he apologizes to her for making her miserable earlier (awww, again, I am running out of "awwwwws") and says "I love you." EEEEEEEEEEE!

And next thing we see? Is morning. Nobody is telling me they didn't make a use of the bed!

These are totally post "we did it" faces...

And then F3 and Ga Eul are there and everybody is giddy - that is how you know next ep is going to be full on misery - nobody is allowed more than 2.5 minutes of happiness in a kdrama.

Heee. They always place Ga Eul next to Yi Jung. Any bets in whose car she came over?

Blah blah JH gives Jandi back the star necklace the fiancee gave him to give to Jandi and informs Jandi fiancee is leaving. Still not caring.

But they do so off they go in JP's phallic car to say bye to her.

Buh-bye, moneky, and good riddance! Have a last look at the hot Jun Pyo as a treat :)

That is a horrible outfit, Jun Pyo!

Mama Kang thinks so too because JP is locked up in his room so he won't appear in public looking like this. (That was way cooler and more dramatic in Meteor Garden. Where is my wrist slashing, drama?)

Mama Kang comes in to insult Jandi some more (it's not very productive, sure she's figured it out by now) and you know who gets into Mama Kang's face fearlessly? Ga Eul. Jandi, of course, just stands there, even if this time she doesn't look near tears. Oh my darling Ga Eul! You are so much more Makino than Jandi ever was.

LOL, Ji Hoo's grandpa is there and is all "why are you abusing my future granddaughter-in-law?" Ahahahaaaaa.

And takes her home to Ji Hoo. Oh writer, if you were any more of a Rui/Makino shipper, you'd have a tattoo.

*he is so pretty*

(((Ji Hoo))) Of course, Grandpa doesn't know the true facts, as in she is the girl of his best friend.

Ga Eul is way prettier than Eun Chae, I am just sayin', Yi Jung!

He tells GE why he didn't show up for his meeting with Eun Chae - he got a call from his suicide-threatening mom and it reminded him about his fubar family and he was probably all "I don't want to drag her into this, what if I turn out like my father?" That's why you need a girl liek Ga Eul - who is common-sense, won't let you mope, is super-strong, and won't be rebuffed easily.

Two ladies again, Yi Jung? Well, I guess you better get all the threesomes you like in now, because I don't think Ga Eul will go for that sort of thing...

Poor wallowing flashback!YJ - he seriously needs someone who'd knock him out of his emo moods.

Secretary Jung takes Jandi to a really ill guy who is *ta dum* Papa Kang, presumed dead, but not so - evil Mama is really evil, yay!!!! He won't tell her who it is but asks her to take care of him as a favor and not to mention it to JP. I wonder what he is scheming.

Jandi missage!

Ahahaha! Woo Bin is all "I am losing my complexion, JP is locked up and YJ wanders around like a cripple." Yay to the most common-sense F4!

The writer indulges some more in her Kim Hyun Joong fantasies.

Later he tells her he loves her but she is asleep.

This scene is worth capping with subs (subs dl isn't as good quality so sorry for smaller caps)! She is so going to lick him into shape! Ga Eul laying down the law scenes are fast becoming my favorites.

In his emo Pottery Barn, he is remembering Ga Eul bossing him around. Heeee. Fear her! Also, turn on the lights while you are at it, you can afford the electricity bill.

(She is referring to his hand only, unfortunately :D)

And having said her peace, she leaves. Awesome, GE!

I bet she is looking for Eun Chae's dopey message:

Bwaaaaa! Woo Bin helps JP escape.

And there is adorableness of a zoo date with a kid Jandi had to bring along as she was baby-sitting him.

Ahahaha, he is jealous of a four-year-old.



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