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Because I have the attention span of a gnat, I've decided to add another drama to all the ones I am watching (which are BOF, Princess Ja Myung, Cain & Abel, To Get Her, Meteor Garden rewatch, My Boss My Hero, Resurrection, Wish To See You Again and Love Storm). The drama in question? The Japanese drama Akai Ito.

Here is an adorable MV for it.

I have high hopes for it because it's based on a cellphone novel and the last cellphone novel drama I've seen was Koizora which gave us bleached-blond hair, snow babies, quasi-gang-rape, evil exes, dying boys, and every other cheesy thing known to man, woman, or beast.

I have no idea if Akai Ito can live up to that high standard, but I am hoping the hero and heroine will turn out to be siblings. It has to be either that or terminal illness, and terminal illness has already been covered by Koizora...


I have only one thing to say about the scene in the desert with Choi In in ep 3 of Cain and Abel. That was beyond brutal. Oh, man. Ahhh, the joys of a So Ji Sub drama - I'd forgotten. I have no idea of the plot of C&A (I mean, I know the set-up, but I have no idea how it will go) but I sincerely hope he will eventually track down the director and stepmom who ordered this and make them pay. And pay. And pay. Preferably with rusty nails involved. (Side note: I love a good revenge drama: Green Rose, Resurrection, Mawang, A Love to Kill).


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