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You know how Group 8 is talking about multiple filmed endings for Boys Over Flowers and fans frenziedly discuss that and the shipping merits of whether it's Jun Pyo or Ji Hoo who should get with our heroine?

Well - I have a new theory. I think it will be the two boys together, leaving our heroine to pursue her medical school dreams. :D

Seriously, how slashy is this exchange from ep 21 preview? (translation from hydkorea comm)

Jun Pyo: Ji Hoo...
Ji Hoo: Talk.
Jun Pyo: To me, you are my brother. Last time you were, and now also. I previously thought that if you didn't have me, you would probably still lead a good life, but if I did not have you, what would I do?
Ji Hoo: Don't tell me you want me to run away with you from the wedding venue tomorrow?
Jun Pyo: (Holds his tears, and looks at Ji Hoo) Why don't you hit me?
Ji Hoo: What?
Jun Pyo: I am not joking, you must hit me.
Ji Hoo: Jun Pyo... *knocks him down*

The slash writes itself.

May I voice a complaint btw? I think the screenwriter is madly in love with Ji Hoo and there is nothing wrong with that - but she is making her bias (or maybe just desire to showcase Kim Hyun Joong, as he is crazy popular) really wreck the story. If I didn't know the manga this is based on, I would assume for certain that Ji Hoo and Jandi were the end game - they have about ten times more time together in the last 7 episodes than does Jandi with her supposed OTP Jun Pyo (who, btw, has been relegated to supporting player status - if I only watched the second half of the drama, I'd assume he was a secondary character), not to mention long and lingering scenes full of incredible shippiness that in all my kdrama watching time I have seen only OTPs do - piggyback riding; singing to the girl; kneeling to put shoes on her; guy taking care of sick girl (and kissing her hand!); guy wiping girl's tears with his hands and sharing his deepest trauma with her to show her even awful things can be gotten over; her looking for him in the rain and his collapsing on her, as she nurses him through the night and strokes his face as he holds her hand (that was one of the longest and most intense shippy scenes in the whole drama, and it was with the wrong couple!); hugs, etcetcetc. Now, I might very well enjoy watching a story about a girl who gets over her screwed up badboy boyfriend with the help of her (male) best friend and eventually realizes she loves the guy who's been by her side all along and always there for her. But that is not the story of Hana Yori Dango! And not only does it go against the first half of the drama (there is a major disconnect between first and second halves - it's almost as if they are two different dramas with different characters, only played by the same actors), it also creates huge narrative problems - because no matter what, Jandi will end up with Jun Pyo - it's canon, but since relationships have been pulled so out of whack, it will just come out hasty and way way problematic, with not enough build up, development, or romantic logic.

In other news, I am so eager to watch Kings, NBC's new show and a modern retelling of the Biblical story of David, King Saul etc. It has always been one of my favorite parts of the Bible and to see it reinterpreted is very exciting. Plus, the flist seems to like it.


Looks SO GOOD.


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