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I confess I redownloaded this ep just to watch the scene of Domyouji doing dogeza to Rui but I ended up watching the whole darn ep and capping like a madwoman.

Oh God, my OTP! My ridiculous, strong-willed, adorably dim, crazily energetic OTP! This is what jdrama did right and kdrama did wrong - this random ep shows it. I am so mad for Domyouji/Makino and I couldn't care less for JP/Jandi - you know why? D/M have tons of romantic scenes, they fit together perfectly (when Makino tells Rui she can be most herself with Domyouji, I actually buy it - she turns a bit demure with Rui but she is her own bulldozer self with Domyouji, not to mention the two just light up in the vicinity of each other, and feel more alive). Oh, and Domyouji actually acts like he can't live without Makino and the way he deals with Rui and the fiancee situation is so infinitely better! I don't hate him for one bit.

Anyone, I'll shut up and bring you caps from ep 8 of Hanadan2.

Emotionally fearless Makino:

The scene with Domyouji and Shigeru, the fiancee. Kdrama so needed something like this - I am not talking about the 'seduction' scene (though yes, that is a pivotal scene and for them to leave it out is insane), but the scene of Domyouji both desively rejecting her and not dragging it out and the major show of growth in his character where he realizes he was wrong and offers a full and absolute apology - someone who at the beginning of the story didn't even notice people. But loving someone made him learn and so he can understand how much Shigeru hurts. If JP showed 1/5 of the maturity Domyouji has here, I'd have so much less of a problem with him.

I love this Rui and Makino scene - for one, I never bought Rui and Makino as super compatible or Rui as over his ex and genuinely in love with Makino, and for another, Makino who is unmopey and straightforward!

The dogeza scene - one of my ultimate faves in the drama! Not the least because Domyouji is all pride but he has none when it comes to Makino - in S1 he was willing to be beaten to death without lifting a finger to defend himself to save her (and at that point he thought she cheated and she was also not interested at him at all). And here he is willing to abase himself utterly. Mmmmm.

Shippiness! You know, D and M are actually compatible. You know the word compatible, kdrama?

Heee! Flashback of awesomeness.

More awesome shippiness!


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