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Mar. 10th, 2009 02:32 pm
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Am watching ep 19 of Boys Over Flowers.

I confess by now I am only in it for Woo Bin and Ji Hoo. The rest of them can go hang themselves. I am so over the stupid love quadrangle of doom - especially since so many scenes are to show the compatibility of not the ostensible canon OTP but the alterna OTPs of Ji Hoo/Jandi and Jun Pyo/fiancee (they really do get along perfectly well, don't they?)

Ji Hoo angst in this ep is basically off the scales. WTF? It's OK to torment a character so much if you know he is going to get a happy ending or at least the love of the heroine, but since we aren't going to get either, it's just gratuitous and idiotic - especially since it's making my heart go out to him even more. By now he basically outclasses Jun Pyo in everything, desirability as a dating prospect included (for one thing, he actually pays attention to what Jandi wants, as opposed to inviting himself over for dinner and eating all of the poor girl's food. Ahahaha, cute. Not). Must he outclass him in angst, too? Jun Pyo now looks even more like a useless spoiled wimp.

I am so over JP/Jandi btw! If I want to watch an angsty bad boy/poor good girl romance, I'll watch Yi Jung/Ga Eul instead. For one thing, Yi Jung's angst is entertaining and for another, Ga Eul has a spine. Can we please have a drama about them instead? Now, there is a dysfunctional couple I would have fun following!

His Mom tries to kill herself again, so he decides to have a self-loathing party and invive Ga Eul for the ride - he takes her up on her earlier offer of a date, only to pick up floozies in front of her face. Then he takes her for a dinner with Daddy Dearest where he offers her to him. At which point, Ga Eul has had enough, whatever Yi Jung's emo, she throws a glass of water in his face, calmly excuses herself to his father, and walks off. YESSSS.

At this point, BOF is utter trainwreck...I say we just leave Jun Pyo and his fiancee together (and off my screen), have Jandi hook up with Ji Hoo and have a peaceful life to recover some spunk, and have Woo Bin, Yi Jung, and Ga Eul have a very hot threesome.


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