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You know how I was obsessed with Shanghai Bund, or more specifically, getting my hands on it.

Well, due to the amazingness of [livejournal.com profile] vierran45, I have gotten my hands on the subbed first ep.

And it's official: it just might be the prettiest drama I have ever seen.

I haven't gotten much past credits because I was too busy capping like mad: I love the sepia tones and filters and selective colors.

And of course, the gorgeousness of Huang Xiaoming and Sun Li and 1930s outfits.

How could you resist a story about doomed love and the Mob and revenge?

Seriously. If you could, just check out these caps from the credits - I dare you not to want to watch!

(Yes, there is h/c in the credits itself. Thank you, China).

*grrr, fast motion is so hard to cap*

I am also watching Boys Over Flowers ep 18 and so far my thoughts are as follows:

1. Why Jandi doesn't go for the utterly amazing, caring, gorgeous, and fun Ji Hoo is a mystery known only to God. Not to mention they are writing them as canon anyway.

2. Woo Bin and Yi Jung = most awesome slash otp ever.

3. At the rate Yi Jung is putting liquor away, he is going to become an alcoholic. An alcoholic who likes to imitate Ghost.

4. Heeee! They even gave Woo Bin random angst. That is how you know it's a kdrama.

5. I need to know who the writer for this is so I can avoid his/her dramas in the future. Anyone who managed to turn the canon nazi hardcore Makino/Dom shipper that I am into someone bored by D/M and shipping the uncanon Rui/Makino is doing it very very wrong.

6. My irritation with BOF is especially strong because filmi-girl and I have been watching Meteor Garden and there the whole OTP, Rui, fiancee etc stuff is handled so infinitely better.


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