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I am sure you've realized by now that my fannish interests tend to be sudden, rabid, and expire very quickly.

So alas, time has come for another fannish obsession to bite the dust - my interest in Boys Over Flowers is completely gone, cold. I will probably finish it on fast-forward just out of completist tendencies but any shred or interest in it is completely gone. Just like that. See, bad inconsistent writing will get you everywhere! It's not even annoyance at it any more (because that would demonstrate emotional involvement) just a boredom with it, with a side of "when is a new episode of ToGetHer coming out?"

So, I am sorry, no more BOF liveblogging - I just don't have enough interest to do it.

Unfortunately what has replaced it is:

a. obsession with the Taiwanese drama ToGetHer, which is quirky and funny and romantic done right. Alas, it's only an ep a week. *bites elbows out of need to watch more*

b. Even more frustratingly, my desire to watch 2007 version of Shanghai Beach which I cannot find with English subs anywhere. Trust me, I looked. Correction - I found first five eps subbed on d-addicts, but it's torrents which I cannot use, and even if I could use torrents, it's a fairly old upload so nobody is seeding. My one hope now is Taiseng. They sub a lot of period dramas and put them on DVDs. Surely 1930s is period, surely? GRAH. I am so desperate I might just watch the frelling thing raw. Told you - I am an extreme obsessive. In my defense, look at the pretty:


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