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I have just started the amazing Resurrection, a kdrama about loss, disguises and vengeance by the same people who made Mawang (The Devil), a.k.a. the most perfectly made drama I have have ever seen.

And, just like Mawang, Resurrection stars Uhm Tae Woong, deals with vengeance and false identities, and has messed-up magnetic men and strong women.

Even if it wasn't by the makers of Mawang, I would have still wanted to watch it, I confess - Uhm Tae Woong (in a double role, no less!) is someone who I will watch in anything. And the female lead is Han Ji Min, one of my favorite actresses (she was incredible in Capital Scandal).

The story is too good (and, frankly, too complicated) to spoil, but the set-up is as follows: Ha Eun (Uhm Tae Woong) remembers little of what happened before he was 7 years old, when he was adopted. He does not remember his father's murder or the fact that he was separated from his twin brother. He is currently a policeman, hot-tempered but good-natured, and in love with his adopted step-sister, Eun Ha (Han Ji Min). However, a chance encounter leads him to meet his twin, Shin Hyuk, and the story unravels from there...

Here is a great general MV:

Here is a shippy one:

I also checked out Super Rookie with two dangermousie favorites, Eric Mun and Han Ga In - it's an office drama about a slacker and a disappointment who gets hired due to a computer error. His boss? The lady who he saved from suicide over a worthless boyfriend. It's cute and funny and has one of those TV offices where everyone would love to work - super designed, quirky and full of cool coworkers. But it's not really my thing. Romantic dramas? Yes please. Period ones? Heck yeah. Vengeance stories or family sagas? I slurp them up. But with few exceptions (Sapuri) office dramas are not my thing.


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