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Dylan Kuo and Ady An are making another drama together, Ai Zai Huang Huo Zhen. Ming Dao (of the 183 Club fame) is co-starring.

OMG. Please, please let them end up happily together this time.

For those who don't know, Dylan Kuo and Ady An are Taiwanese stars, and probably my third favorite drama on-screen couple (after fellow Taiwanese stars Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu, so awesome in Mars, still my favorite drama, and the Japanese stars Yamapi and Horihita Maki).

They were the doomed, star-crossed, complicated lovers in The Outsiders (and The Outsiders 2, which I am so starting ASAP), one of my Top 3 dramas, where he was the tough, yet oddly innocent gang leader, and she a delicate-resilient upper class girl. Read my The Outsiders ramblings for more. They were also in White Robe of love but I am skipping that one, because there is only so much of 'he dies and leaves the to mourn' action I can take.



This is based on a manga 'Honey Lavender.' No idea what it's about, but please, please PLEASE make it happy. I have cried as much as I can with The Outsiders, and yelled at the screen, too. Hell, I'll settle for a drama where he doesn¡¯t die, or she tries to slit her wrists, or she is raped, or he is locked in self-loathing because he got her into such an environment, or or or or or...­

Here are pics of them from some event/ads. Horrible clothes, but whatever

Oh man, there are RPShippers for Dylan and Ady? (As I found on boards). Why am I not surprised?

ETA: The Ady/Dylan people seem remarkably sane, when compared to the crazy Joe Cheng/Ariel Lin RPShippers I found on the same boards. They sort of scare me. A LOT. People, they are actors. I don't care how awesome ISWAK (or The Outsiders, for Dylan/Ady) were. It doesn't mean they love each other in real life, or would make a perfect pair. Seriously, I almost wish Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu never hooked up (or Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye, or a handful of other celebrity couples) because it is like fodder for the crazies. Yikes.

This said, I do like Joe and Ariel as an on-screen couple and can't wait for ISWAK2 (which is going to air at the end of November, I think). They are awesome together on screen only.

Oh, man. He is SO MUCH TALLER than she is. *swoon*

Larger. Turning his bro's head away, heh:


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