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This post is brought to you by Mousie's ghost.

(This is what sheer perfection looks like)

The episode as a whole was excellent - Maru makes a formidable enemy, Team Jae Hee suffered some delicious defeats, and that final scene! But I am afraid all my energy and spazzing went into the sequence near the beginning, when she is overwhelmed by some memories coming back/forgets other things and freaks out. And he is there for her - he is there for her as she doesn't recognize him, as she smashes up the room and their photos together. He holds her as she lashes out, as if he is trying to absorb her pain into himself, so he would be in pain instead of her (as he tells her in the morning, if her memories of him cause her pain, tp hurt him, to take it out on him). And he holds her in his arms all night. And then the morning sequence, where he keeps bringing her something to drink and she keeps lashing out and breaking the glass and he is so patient and gentle and just keeps bringing it to her again and again without a cross word, and tells her to hurt him if she hurts (as I mentioned above). And fixes her hurt hand and is just...oh my God, how much does he love her? And then he has to hear her sob-scream as if her heart is being crushed and is it a coincidence he has his attack then, almost sympathetically? I think not. And when, after it all, she comes down, there is nothing but utter love in his eyes. Take me, drama, I am yours!

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