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But I can't stop! I can't remember the last time I got that obsessed over a Western TV show or the last time I shipped a couple so much. I mean! They finish each other's quotations and share eyerolls over the minister's insane Latin screeds and trade obscure facts. It's geek heaven. And their chemistry is insane and super-reserved Christopher totally smiles while looking at her, a genuine smile, and is actually at ease with her, which is super-rare for him. And they get each other ridiculously well even though they just met recently. And she tells him he is the coolest man (paraphrasing in 21st-century speak) she's ever met, and he is totally in love with her and anguished he can't be with her and basically it's better than 90% of romantic fiction I've been consuming recently. Who knew I'd go for a British show like a ton of bricks?

They meet again at the party. That little smile of his!

Their reaction to insane minister's ramblings about self-abuse in Latin...Don't ask.

Their chemistry is totally insane.

Lost in the fog. That whole sequence was amazing, but it's hard to get good caps out of night fogggy scenes. So have the almost kiss.

And his anguish that they finally found the way home.

And they both love horses and are quick on their feet in a crisis! Seriously, total OTP.

This was perfection. They talk - about his Yorkshire house but actually about a lot more.

She tells him he's the best man she's ever met.

And she leaves to go home, and he's left behind, having just gotten a telegram from Sylvia that she is coming back. And he totally is sobbing into the horse's neck. :( Seriously, :(


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