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Clearly, yesterday was a day for me to rewatch bits of some of my favorite family dramas. Because I totally rewatched bits of Gloria, the only 50-ep drama I watched with no skipping and almost no fast-forwarding (for my money, the first 35 or so eps are the best but it's good overall).

I was (and still am) madly in love with the main OTP of Gloria, Kang Suk/Jin Jin. The romance started out a little slowly but oh, boy, did it make up for it. From a logical standpoint, it made no sense that they could live happily ever after - his half-brother killed her parents and gave her sister brain damage, and once she found out, she went on a revenge spree (in which he helped!) that destroyed his father's company and ended up in half-brother killing himself. But by the ending, I was so invested in them, I didn't care if they got together due to fairy dust...

Seriously, so perfect. I mean, how could I not love a drama which has the following scene: She is in the middle of ruining his evil family (with his help. Seriously, there is love and there is this) and, of course, they broke up, but he stops by her house and begs if she can playact as his lover for an evening and they go out, and he is so desperate, but not touching her at all, and she kisses him, crying, saying she wants to forget everything tonight but her playacting role. And he kisses her back and just guuuuuuuh.

Here is the 'playacting' one:

This scene! Where he basically thanks her for saving him from becoming the same monster that his brother had become (yeah, that family is beyond messed-up). They are still broken up at that point and her in the middle of revenge.

Happy ending! Honestly, the logical part of me knows it makes no sense. But I don't care!

Tbh, I think this drama was at its best before Jin Jin and everyone found out the truth and JJ turned into Revenge Queen in mid-30s eps and Dong Ah/Yoon Soo storyline got resolved (also not buying YS' family being OK with them but whatever). I liked the everyday real interactions much better than the revenge plot (which also made me think Kang Suk loved Jin Jin a hell of a lot more than she did him). But overall, even with that, this is still probably my favorite family drama by far.


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