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Only two episodes left. Are you worried? I am.

(Thoughts and caps)

EO defending Arang. And once again, she jumps between the man she loves and danger, and gets stabbed for her pains, but what a contrast to when she was Lee Seo Rim doing it for Joo Wal. EO freaks out (even though he objectively knows she will be OK) and carries her off to take care of her. Swoooon.

And then she tells him she remembered her death and it was EO's Mom who stabbed her (ummm, how about mentioning she didn't mean to?) and EO falls apart. I do love that she doesn't hide things now.

He comes saying he does not know what to do - to apologize or beg forgiveness, and she says he doesn't need to. Woobies!

This scene! He comes home wounded and she bandages him and then she tells him she loves him and his face!!!!! But I find it super-significant that she confessed after he told her how much she changed him - in a way, that is his ultimate gift to her - showing that she did leave her mark on this world.

He is thrown into jail by Lord Choi's frame-up.

Choi comes to gloat and taunts EO with his mother and his knowledge that Arang is a ghost. He has clearly never heard of being gracious in victory.

Ohhhhh :(

During his interrogation, he is defiant, refusing to confess to any of the trumped-up charges.

Until Lord Choi threatens to kill Arang and show everyone she is a ghost. And he yells out he confesses, to spare Arang. Because he knows how she hurts when she dies but also because if her nature is revealed, she'll be tormented and driven out. OMG.

He tells Lord Choi he will face Heaven's wrath and LC decides to engage in 'kick the magistrate' as a hobby.

Ooops! EO's Daddy (who is pretty much one of the most awesome kdrama parents ever) shows up with a full pardon and restoration. The incredulous, grateful look on EO's face kills me. Especially since his status (son of a slave - his hidden vulnerability and shame) has been proclaimed in front of everyone during the interrogation - to get the public acceptance, the royal confirmation of his office and everything he's done, must be huge.

Say it with me - awwwww.

She suggests swapping bodies with the demon - she is out of options and at least that way he'll get his mother back and he'll remember her, instead of forgetting her if she went to heaven or hell (as per rules). That goes over about as well as you'd expect.

She cooks him a meal (everyday things are pretty much these amazing unobtainable things for them) and tells him she won't do it and he is so relieved but I just know something bad is coming.

The little wifely gesture of fixing he shoes...is there something in my eye?

Yup, she's gone to the demon. His faaaace as he reads her letter!

Oh, and Killer Jr. found out Arang is LSR. In your face! I still have NO sympathy for him.

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