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1. One of the best things about Yoochun being cast in a drama is that his fangirls are a supremely dedicated bunch and thus you can be sure of a ton of MVs and other things. I mean, someone made a speculative trailer of I Miss You already, splicing Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye's other dramas:


It's utterly gorgeous. Mmmmm, I am super-excited for this drama - I love the leads and the writer to bits.

2. Speaking of fanworks, I am so lucky with Faith. The ratings for my obsession are mediocre, but the (English-language) fandom seems to have glommed on to it in a huge way. The soompi thread has over 600 pages (!!!!), we have a number of bloggers talking about it, and some very talented people are producing fanfics and vids. Compare it with May Queen, which has almost twice the ratings, yet the blogosphere is pretty dead about. This is all a long intro to a comment that I went hunting for MVs and found some gorgeous ones:

3. Apparently, Kim Bum has been confirmed for That Winter the Wind Blows. Noh Hee Kyung must have really liked him in her previous drama, Padam Padam (he WAS excellent). I've seen some fangirls upset that, once again, it's not the lead, but I really respect his choices - he keeps picking projects by a good writer which entail bouncing off some real heavyweights (in PP, it was Jung Woo Sung and here it will be Jo In Sung). I actually think these are great choices for him.

4. Last but not least, I keep wondering who will be the leading lady in Joo Won's upcoming drama. A lot of the likely candidates are busy. I think it would fun if it was Park Min Young - if I still like her after the horror that was Dr Jin, then clearly she can do no wrong in my eyes.

5. I am currently only following 4 airing kdramas - Five Fingers, Nice Guy, Faith, and Arang and the Magistrate. This is so much easier on my schedule (I dropped The Horse Healer and Oohlala Spouses, at the very least postponed The Great Seer, and I can't say I am watching Glass Mask in any consistent fashion).
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