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Please be warned that there are almost 200 caps beneath the cut. Seeing that I managed to reduce it from over 3000, however, that is quite an achievement.

(Best episodes of anything ever. Oh wait, didn't I say the same thing last week?)

Eun Soo is freaked out of her mind at the thought Choi Young may be killed and Deok Heung offers her a bargain. I love how contemptuous she is when he says in return for saving CY's life, he wants her to marry her. She is all 'is that all?' Ovaries of steel, that is my Eun Soo. Eun Soo who is willing to marry her poisoner, to save the man she loves. I also love how these scenes are intercut with CY sensing something is wrong yet not being sure what.

He finds out the powder and realizes the plot. And being CY, you can see him start thinking why on earth they let him off...

Those two are pure awesome. I'd watch a whole drama about them.

CY trying to figure out the plot with the help of his awesome aunt. This is here largely because he is so hot as to be unbearable to my hormones.

Gongmin pwning the courtiers. Every day, GM grows into the amazing man he is destined to be. And he is helped immensely by his utter mutual empathy (because it goes way beyond simple understanding) with Nogook.

The bromance in this drama is pretty amazing because it's all sorts of complicated and started off on such a rocky ground...

Nogook gets the news that Eun Soo agreed to marry Deok Heung and is all 'whaaaaa?!' I love how nobody can believe ES would do this voluntarily. They are such a close-knit group.

CY finds out about the engagement from his aunt and storms off. He is certainly Mr. Frontal Attack.

She's been dressed up like some sort of fancy doll to go meet Mr. Scumbag but all she can see is CY everywhere. And it breaks my heart that she keeps seeing him smiling, the way he never smiled before he met her. It's as if what she is buying with her sacrifice is his happiness...

I love how implacable she is with DH. Even more, I love that she tells him she could forgive him for poisoning her because she is no longer in pain. But she can't forgive his attempts to harm CY and that is all she is thinking when she looks at him. Guuuuh. They are so Gift of the Magi, the other person above self types. The fact that she places harm to CY higher than attempt to kill her - OMFG, Eun Soo, you are beyond amazing.

And then CY shows up at the palace and I love how Jang Bin tries to calm him down but our unflappable general refuses to calm down, saying he can't sit still. OMFG, all that dam of reserve has slowly been chipping bit by bit and now it's about to fall apart.

And he crashes the royal dinner, utterly heedless of the guards and the danger to him, eyes only on ES who is, likewise, staring at him with all her heart in her eyes. And the way he treats DH as a minor annoyance (this must eat at sociopath DH, inflated with the sense of his own importance), and almost kills him without thought when he thinks he's a danger to ES and ES has to hang on his arm. And then they are left alone and the way he begs her to stay by his side, to do what she plans together, and he's figured it out that he's the reason she is doing this. And he asks her, desperately, when she will get the rest of her diary, and she says wedding night. But hastens to reassure him she'll steal it before then. And his face. And the way he hugs her when she confirms it's for him, all fierce and protective and desperate. But he doesn't drag her with him because he knows ES should do what she wants. Did you notice she wins every argument now?

Ugh, scumbag, burning her diary. I hope you painfully get eaten by ticks!

ES with Lady Choi. I love the face Lady Choi makes when she realizes ES is as much in love with CY as he is with her.

CY is back at the palace and I love how he orders DH off the throne. ILY, CY!

This scene! I have so much love for this scene! First of all, by now they are such utter partners, sneaking around (or rather she is sneaking and he's sneaking behind her to protect her) and telling every emotional truth there is, not holding back. And he wants her to give up looking for the diary if the only thing in it is the manner/date of his death because he doesn't care about that, he just wants her safe. And her response that she must find it because there is nothing else she can do for him - that soon she will be gone and they will never be able to see each other again, and she MUST know he is living well. That is such a confession of love, you know! And his face - love and pride in her and resignation and impending loss. How can they be so expressive?

Lady Choi asks CY if he asked ES to stay and he says she doesn't want to stay. Liar! Poor darling liar! You haven't asked her, and your nobility prevents you from asking, but I bet if you asked, she'd stay (and I think he knows it, which is why he doesn't ask). And oh, the way he says there are days left - it kills me. It's as if he's resigned himself to his heart being ripped out of his body.

The most spectacular "I am dumping you" in history. CY telling her he didn't care about the notebook gave ES the freedom to dump scumbag. I especially love when he is all 'you don't want the diary?' (that you burned, you bastard!) and she is all 'nope!' And he tries to tell her if she dumps him, he will say it was because of her cheating on him with CY and she is all 'so?' He tries to say that means they will be flogged and made slaves and she points out GC wouldn't like it. Then scumbag is all 'I'll make you GC's slaves' and I love how she laughs in his face. But he does manage to blackmail her with the King's life. The thing that gets me, he tells her that everyone knows for CY, Goryo and the King come before a woman. WROOOOOOONG, scumbag! As the end of this episode demonstrates (and as CY's confession to the King in ep 18 that ES is always first to him demonstrates), you couldn't be further from the truth if you were on Mars.

So then there is the wedding from hell, and despite the fact that he is in the middle of planning a coup and the King has been attacked, CY comes anyway. Because she comes first. And I love how he never takes his eyes off her, not even when GC tries to attack him (and he now defeats GC easily - it's as if ES' love gave him power). And she tries to warn him about the King and get him to go but he won't - it's as if they switched roles, placing the other's importance about their own - she knows how important the King is to CY and negates her own desires for his. But the does the same for her. When he kisses her to break off the wedding (check out the scandalized faces of attendants, LOL), it may be a statement but it is also expression of feeling that can no longer be contained - in the middle of their enemies, of bloody coups and God knows what, they kiss and both close their eyes, both sink into it, as if the world and its dangers are immaterial to them now.

Do you notice that even after the kiss is over, he keeps his hand on her neck, as if he can't bear to let her go, to stop touching her? And the way she looks at him, like woman in a dream...

DH orders him arrested and CY goes off to jail. Head held high. And oh, oh, oh, how Eun Soo shines. She is radiant there - and how could she not be, given such huge, tangible proof of his love and of her importance to him, above King and country. I love that though the whole DH tantrum and his arrest, CY keeps looking at ES as if everyone else doesn't matter. And he smiles. In the middle of it all, he smiles. Because his heart is at peace.

This is a great contrast to how we first meet them - separate carriages, barely talking. Now, once again they are in danger, but they are together and draw strength from each other. This drama really seems to promote the idea that love makes you a better person.

Yesss! She took her lessons well. I loved it. But scumbag poisons her later. Can someone murder him already?

Ohhh, I totally cried as Woodalchi were cut down, but here I really lost it. And Gongmin feels so guilty and he knows CY will be devastated. GM is amazing!

This scene! He finds out ES has returned and runs. I died. And there is hugging (have you noticed how he initiates so much touching now?) and he is so worried and tender and she is smiling and I just want to protect the two of them forever. And she won't tell him about the poison, protecting him. And he tells her he was so worried about her and distracted. Which - closed off CY being so open and unabashed about his feelings, kills me. (Also, if this is how effective he is when distracted, I tremble for the world if he is ever fully attentive). And when he is with her, he totally forgot the King is coming and she had to remind him. OMFG. And he keeps turning to look at her. Oh my perfect tragic woobies!

DH in a circle of swords = life worth living.

CY finds out about the deaths of 24 of his men and tries to maintain his stoic facade but you see he is dying inside.

Awww, ES is so worried about him being late coming home. They are SUCH a married couple!

He is at the temple. And then Gongmin comes in. And CY blames himself for the deaths (not everything is your fault, CY!) And he pretty much tells GM that it's his fault because he put ES above everything. "She has always been first to me." And I love that even with that, he has no plans to distance himself from her. I discussed this scene in a previous post so I will refrain. All I will say is this is amazing.

And he comes home all drained and she tries to feed him and get him something to drink and she talks about the Woodalchi (and she knew so well how he feels and what he did) and then she does this thing with the signs and reads them to say everything will be OK (and he smiles! She can make him happy even in the depths of despair) but in reality the signs are asking if she can stay with him until she leaves. Oh, they break my heart!

Gongmin and Nogook. And how she hates the palace because Gongmin has not been sleeping well. But what strikes me is that she says something that parallels what CY said before - that to her the person she loves (GM) is most important, so she is siding with him against her birth country. And I do think love is crucial - without love you turn into a soul-dead opportunist like DH.

They are so domestic - her with her messy hair and him reading in the corner, his feet up (and she makes him put them down, LOL). Ostensibly he is there to protect her, but you know he just wanted to hang out. And I think our general is VERY distracted by her hair - he is all 'put it up' etc. I bet if she really wandered around with messy hair a lot, he's totally not be able to restrain himself from pouncing.

But then he notices her poison mark and is so angry but the anger is there to cover his terror (she is hurt yet again) and his hurt (she didn't love him enough to trust him with this) and she tries to explain that she didn't tell because he'd go to DH and who knows what DH would make him do and he's been hurt and imprisoned because of her so many times. But he is so heartbroken and walks off, and then the most amazing scene in the ep happens where she hugs him from behind, begging him not to turn and asks him if she can stay in this world. And his face! And he, of course, pretty much refuses - because she's been poisoned again, living proof of how deadly this world can be to her, and then she tells him that in that case she wants to keep loving him the way she wants to until she leaves, and can he promise to forrget her and not waste his life suicidally or sleep it away and he refuses to promise and they cling and just their faces and OMFG. Nothing can break CY except for her.

I am with [livejournal.com profile] scottishlass, they totally made love between the last, full of tension and intensity scene and this one, which is light and domestic, with her tending her medications and him bringing in her mail, and her teasing that he should read the letter as she isn't good with Chinese and if it's a love letter, he should respond on her behalf :P

But it turns serious quickly when it turns out Yuan envoy wants her and he says they should run. Oh yes please. Please please please. Run away together, never get to that door, and raise warrior babies together. He earlier told her he will protect her and then take her to heaven's door, but that is one promise I want him to break.

You alive yet, after reading all this? A medal for you. Well, a medal of a CY clone, your pick.
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