Oct. 5th, 2012 11:23 pm
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Even though I enjoyed the 'wronged woman' narrative of the main story of Ohlala Spouses (the drama makes no bones the husband is a scrumbag and is going to get a delicious come-uppance and a lesson from awesome wifey) but I confess my favorite thing were the little flashbacks into the spouses' past lives!

It was all so Gaksital and Capital Scandal. He was a freedom fighter! And she was a geisha who got the information from the Japanese officers for him!

There were smoochies...

And inevitable tragic demise (that whole storyline is actually much more secondary OTP of Capital Scandal, but Shin Hyun Joon is making me think Gaksital).

Oh, and note to all tragic lovers. When you do the whole 'in our next life, let's get married and live happily,' you should probably add a rider 'and please don't make me a cheating scumbag!'

Though I have to say, as an avid Gaksital watcher, the fact that Gaksital Mark 1 and Ueno Rie are knocking boots is mindblowing!

Oh, and Shin Hyun Joon may play a scumbag, but the man is hella hot nevertheless. (Also, I am sure his character will learn appropriate lessons about being a loving husband through fate and body swaps and divorce. But I still want a drama about geisha/rebel instead! Boooo).

Ueno Rie, the other woman...Does he know you lusted after his little brother in Gaksital?

Here for pretty angst.


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