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Congratulations, In Ha, you are well on the way to winning abuser bingo:

1. Treat woman you 'love' as a thing to do with what you will, her wishes irrelevant.
2. Kiss her against her will. That's molestation, dude!
3. Try to buy her with offers of jobs, money, paying for her studies. She is not a hooker.
4. Try to control her by threatening harm to her loved ones - only an abuser would tell her "If you go to Ji Ho, I will kill him" as a means of trying to keep her by your side. (Luckily, Dami is sane and tells him to (politely) fuck off.
5. Want his mother to have her hired as his secretary so (I quote) "I can harass her." During same speech, inform Mom that Dami's feelings are immaterial as long as she is by him, and he will enjoy harassing her, and that he will eventually get her when Ji Ho has nothing because no woman would stay by a guy who has nothing. (Ummmm, dude, Dami came from poverty, I don't think living with someone without cash is new to her).
6. Possession is what matters, not feeling (he is fine with having a woman who only picked him as a last resort for money. In fact, that's his plan).

If he someone did get her, I can see this progressing to his locking her up, forbidding her to have contact with any friends/family and beating her up when she steps out of line. Jin Se Yeon tends to attract utter psychos as secondary guys, doesn't she? :)

You are pretty much insane and should be locked up for the general good.

But then his Mother is an enabler - promising In Ha she will get Dami for him (Lady, he isn't five and Dami isn't the new train set he wants for Christmas!) and trying to get Ji Ho to dump Dami 'because your brother likes her.' (Which makes no sense - there aren't only two men left in the world. Even if Dami isn't with Ji Ho, doesn't mean she will pick In Ha. In Ha is a pretty off-putting choice even without Joo Ji Hoon's cheekbones being in the picture). Thankfully Ji Ho's reaction is 'WTF!' Though even Mother is realizing In Ha is off the rails and is exactly like his psycho Daddy whose In Ha-like actions made her life hell (how ironic. Ji Ho, whom she hates as her husband's representative, is nothing like that).

In Ha being his insane self:

Ji Ho/Dami cuteness...

Mommy being insane and asking JH to dump Dami for In Ha's sake. Because all that psycho needs is encouragement.

Yeah, classic abuser thing. Luckily she doesn't give him an inch.

Yeah, when even your enabler thinks you are going too far, maybe you should stop.

Why so cute?

Not playing psycho's games.

Instead being adorable with his badgering to call him oppa and her taking him to see her Mom. And she texts him 'oppa' the morning after. And they have a date!

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