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Proper post with caps etc coming, but I just had to get this out.

I really really loved the way the aftermath of Eun Oh's confession and Arang's denial of her sharing his feelings was handled.

No takebacks! I was terrified that there would be one, and he'd say he didn't mean it (in order to avoid embarrassment or help her or whatever). But there wasn't! It was basically 'this is how I feel, now I know you don't share these feelings, I will do as you wish and just send you to heaven and take care of you, and please do not be concerned.'

And then he went out and bought her shoes.

Oh, Eun Oh.

But then of course his comment to her later that he can bear her not liking him but seeing her notice others (i.e., Joo Wal) is hard to bear. He is so utterly open with her, it kills me.

And then of course all of it building more and more and that outburst at the end where he tells her that he promised to send her to heaven but he can't bear to see her with JW and he keeps thinking he wished he didn't just let her go but tried to convince her and just. But he still doesn't do it - try to push her, I mean...oh, Eun Oh, you kill me.

And every time he says "Arang" in that voice, I just want to melt!!!!

Oh, and also when Jade said EO is reaper's replacement, I really hope he only meant in killing demon mom (though still, that is COLD) and not in becoming a reaper. I want Arang and EO together as humans. Please! Though I guess I don't have to worry about the nightmare scenario of EO having to kill the demon as it posesses Arang because since there is no blood connection between Arang and EO, he wouldn't be able to.

Proper and humonogous post coming, promise.
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