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First, about the Faith goodies.

1. The always amazing [livejournal.com profile] scottishlass wrote a CY/ES fanfic. Go check it out. I love it!

2. If you haven't read [livejournal.com profile] rockharlequin awesome and often hilarious thoughts on ep 12, what are you waiting for?

Now, on to Nice Guy episode 3. With every episode, I become more and more convinced that this is going to be a wonderful entry into the dark, intelligent melodrama genre, a genre I thought was almost dead until NG (this is quite a year of throwbacks - Love Rain brought back pure love melodrama of the four seasons' fame). It's a genre I am very fond of and was mourning the demise of. Thank you, Lee Kyung Hee.

The scene with Maru rescuing Eun Gi and her going insane because her doll is in the bike (the doll that is the remnant of her mother - who was played by the mother from The Princess' Man. Dysfunctional Sooyang family rides again? Now, where is my Park Shi Hoo?) I have to applaud Moon Chae Won for her performance here - there are not that many of her male colleagues who are willing to look hideous in grief, let alone the actresses. This scene also shows how broken Eun Gi is, how her shell is brittle and moments from snapping - I wonder if that is what calls to Maru, that is why he goes after her doll - it's the caretaker in him, the characteristic he cannot beat down no matter how he tries. I just want these two lost, bereaved souls to find comfort with each other.

She tries to be her rude bitchy self as a preemptive strike and he shuts her down. I loved it. In a way, they are equals - despite their vastly different social status, they would be able to understand each other the way nobody else does - the masks protecting the really fragile person within, the childhood damage, betrayal by those they loved...

Oh, Maru! Whatever happens at the end, I hope you come back to the self that was happy despite everything...

For the shallow among us (FWIW, I think SJK is an amazing actor, and I know he is objectively good-looking, but he is not my type , in large part because he looks like a Korean version of my grandfather when he was young).

Why does every scene between them bristle so? And he can read her so well and she is so intrigued....and he doesn't react in any way she can predict.

Oddly (because nobody in their right mind would take a girl you want to appeal to, to a family dispute), this scene solidifies their connection - family that throws you away and inflicts damage as a means of asserting power is something that is intimately familiar to Eun Gi.

I don't really like Choco (she is 20 and needs to grow up) but this scene sort of broke my heart...


Jae Hee is a monster but I love that the drama never forgets to make her human, make her understandable...

I just like this shot.

Let the revenge games begin! I especially revel in Jae Hee's panicked face. I hope that the wind changes and her face freezes like this!

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