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So, by now I've checked out every airing kdrama I meant to check out. Below is my ranking (from most to least liked - first number is number of eps watched, second number is number of subbed eps out).

1. Faith (2/2) - my new obsession. It's feels like one of my favorite fantasy novels in lush drama form. I've rewatched the episodes out already and obsessed over every little possible thing.

2. Bridal Mask (22/22) - 22 eps aired, 6 eps to go, and obsession is still as strong with me. Smart and dark and poppy and awesome. Like Capital Scandal's older, cooler brother.

3. Arang and the Magistrate (2/2) - a fairy tale for grown ups, this one is ranked as high as it is due to the chemistry between the leads and the whimsical fantasy world. I am not unhealthily invested yet, but I have hopes.

4. Answer Me 1997 (6/6) - the understated underdog of the group. I can't relate to any of the teens at the center of this drama but they feel so real, plus 1990s nostalgia FTW!

5. To the Beautiful You (2/2) - silly and no great acting anywhere in evidence, but it's cute and sweet and relaxing. You could do worse with a fluffy shoujo manga adaptation.

6. May Queen (2/2) - it has the potential to be a great drama when the story moves into the adult portions, but even though the child actors are good, I never get invested in the kid portions of the story. Plus, due to the number of eps, it's moving a tad slowly.

7. Five Fingers (1/1) - I am sure I will enjoy the emo makjang once the adults show up but for now, it's a bunch of talented elders playing horrible people and a bunch of kid actors - and we know how I feel about that. Lower than MQ because it's gloomier.

For now, I am keeping all 7 because I am enjoying all 7, but who knows how it will turn out.
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