SUFBB ep 12

Mar. 7th, 2012 11:37 pm
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(I promise to get to all comments by tomorrow)

Bosslady appoints Seung Hoon (who is getting so pale and whiny, he's beginning to resemble a Twilight vampire) as their producer. That is going to go well. Also, SH, making their lives miserable because a girl didn't like you back, is beyond pathetic. Ugh, go die in a corner, creep.

I love that Soo Ah seems to have rediscovered her drawing...

I love how happy a text from Ji Hyuk makes her (that is all you need to do, dude. It's OK if you can't show, but then send your excuses and love. Nobody loves being taken for granted).

The recording session from hell, i.e., SH being a bastard. You can't damp the sexy, loser! :P

Hyun Soo and his sick sister, who needs some sort of an expensive surgery. I love how his sister being sick has been alluded to before with good foundation (remember, he almost missed the peformance in ep 6). Also, it explains so much of his stress, and also does make his loyalty more remarkable - he went along with not signing back in ep 7 despite this. (And also explains why he works so hard to make the band a success).

This starts out cute and then goes downhill. First, fans start noticing him with a girl (and I love both that SA wants to not hold hands for his sake and that Ji Hyuk wants to hold hands anyway. Btw, Korean entertainment system is insane). And then JH jumps to conclusions, namely that the friend SA went out with is Seung Hoon. Talk to her, idiot, don't go off in a sulk! Guys.

Umm, and somebody snaps a pic of them together. Not good.

Oh, this was painful. Wooo Kyung shows up, pretty drunk and so proud of her new hairdresser's license (btw, I am pretty sure she wouldn't have showed up if she wasn't drunk). And just see how Do Il lights up for her - this is the one you should date, dummy! The hottie you are closest to and talk the most to! Gaaaaah. Ji Hyuk is already in a horrible mood but also he clearly decided he needs to be as blunt as possible so WK won't carry on the torch. And he's being pretty cutting, and I don't blame him, but oh, I feel horrible for poor WK and even worse for Do Il, who stands there, watching his best friend brutally reject the girl whose heart he'd give anything for. I did love when he finally blew at Ji Hyuk! EEEE!!!!!! Especially from quiet Do Il, this is huge (and I bet that is what made JH realize his friend likes WK).

Do Il walks off, and bumps into some jerks, who basically try to pick a fight because they are jerks with no sense of self-preservation, despite his politeness, until he loses it. Seeing our normally laid-back, in-control drummer almost go feral on them (when he grabbed that one guy and hissed at him that if his face wasn't on TV, the dude would be dead) was awesome.

The cutest thing in existence. Soo Ah's friend wants her to get Ji Hyuk's autograph and loudly proclaims if Soo Ah gets it, she will treat Soo Ah to another evening out, like yesterday. Guess which woobie's ears perk up at that. Heeeeee. How are they so adorable with their smiles, how?

Cutest scene in the entire drama! And a callback to the fact that he never wanted to share his lollipops. I love the way their hands touch in secret and he passes her a lollipop, I love their grins, I love how adorable that is. It also proves just how non-verbal Ji Hyuk is - so incalculably better with gestures than words.

Aww, the boys make up. And is it me, or did Ji Hyuk pretty much give his blessing to Do Il, who is adorably worried whether he will be enough (oh, trust me, you are more than enough). Also, JH sees Woo Kyung as a mom, so yeah, I'd say her hopes are pretty dead on that front, unless this is a much more twisted drama than it appears to be.

I think I am pretty much off Yerim/Hyun Soo ship. It doesn't appear as if it will happen and, more importantly, he doesn't appear interested in her in the least. Just please don't hook her with Ha Jin because they have zero chemistry and his character mildly annoys me unless he is interacting with Kyung Jong. On a less shippy note, I loved that despite his need for money/success, Hyun Soo flatly turned down a duet because he'll sing only as a member of Eye Candy.

Money worries over his sister's surgery. Poor guy.

So, of course, he's in an awful mood, especially since his bandmates are placing obstacles to the single being released because they hate Seung Hoon and he needs the money now. And he needs something to lash out at. The thing is, they don't know that his sister is sick or that he's turned down a solo career for their sake, so all they see is Hyun Soo always grumping. Oh boys, just talk!

I loved Ji Hyuk telling Seung Hoon off.

First off, I loathe Bosslady. Leaving that aside, I wonder what the document was she gave Ji Hyuk. He did not look happy, to say the least.

Scummy Seung Hoon playing games - inviting Soo Ah for the recording (she doesn't know it's Ji Hyuk's) so as to try to create drama in their relationship. Do you really think it's going to make her love you, moron? Ji Hyuk storms off and I love that Soo Ah tells Seung Hoon that she knows why SH invited her and she is disappointed in him and walks off. I love the heroine who doesn't play games, won't be manipulated, and tells it like it is to all the people in her life.

But I loved even more her confrontation with Ji Hyuk. Where she finally reads him the riot act for being a bad boyfriend and not calling/texting, standing her up, etc. And tells him Seung Hoon is only a friend, but at least he knows the truth of SA/JH, which is more than what she can say for JH's friends and asks him when he will tell his friends, telling him to 'get things clear' himself and not just say the same to her. I LOVE HER!!!! I also love that Ji Hyuk snaps out of his fit asap because he recognizes the justice of her words and tells her he will tell his friends asap.


Press conference (I love that Hyun Soo says he won't go solo). They think the worst thing is someone trying to ask about Do Il's mob dad.

Little do they know. Some scummy tabloid dude gets out a snapshot of Ji Hyuk coming out of Soo Ah's house and asks him if he lives with her.

That can totally kill the band because Koreans are totally psycho about how they want the romantic lives of their celebs to be (nonexistent) and also because cohabiting in high school is viewed as extra bad. What will Ji Hyuk say? My money is on admitting it, probably egged on by the fact that he knows Soo Ah is unhappy he hadn't told his friends and that he promised her. Only - I am sure she just wanted his friends to know, not for everyone to do so and ruin his career. Plus - sure, he lives with her, but once that is out, nobody will ever let him clarify it's not in a hotbed of sin (though, honestly, even if it was, who the hell cares? Korean entertainment is insane).

Bring on ep 13 and ANGST!
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