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I really wanted to smack Hyun Soo here, for being such a dick to Woo Kyung. I mean, it wasn't WK who called them for help but WK's silly friend and, in any event, would he prefer she got beaten to a pulp or something? Also, nobody is allowed to make darling Do Il inhappy (awwwww, his face when WK said she will obey the rules and not come round). I mean, I can see why he's mad, but it's misdirected and he needs to chill out in general. Ulcers, which is what you'll get from being angry all the time, are not sexy. (Side note - honestly, only a bunch of teenage boys would be this unobservant. Do Il might as well hang a giant neon sign from his neck saying "I like Woo Kyung").

Bwahaahahahaha perfect, I ship this so hard! I love that he tries to throw his temper at her and she's completely unfazed. He does the whole "are you interested in me?" to try to get her embarrassed and she calmly answers yes. Ahahahahahaahhaha he has to pause at that. And then he tries a second attack and asks her 'do you know me?' to which she calmly responds that she doesn't, and that is why she's interested. Bwahahaha. So he tries his last line of attack and tells her he isn't interested in her, and she just as calmly replies that she knows that. And angry puppy cannot help but grin, being so soundly defeated. Heeeee. Anyone who can get a grin out of angry puppy, especially on one of his bad days, is pretty much impressive. And he is never going to find someone else who is as cool and talented and pretty and interested in him, but also completely collected, low maintenance, calm and unimpressed. Most girls would either be terrified or swooning or high-drama due to his temper and Yerim not only holds her own, she totally wins every encounter. Give up, angry puppy! It's pretty clear he likes her though he won't admit it for any money (also, lol at his startled and disappointed look around when she did leave).

Angry puppy's adorable and non-angry baby sis (who is pretty much the only person he's not ever grumpy at) is in the hospital. Why? I see my plot senses tingling. Hmmm.

And now off to bed for me!
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