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Because I am so obsessed with the possibly uncanonical ship of Tae Sung/Jae In, I decided to bring you MVs from some ships which started out uncanonical (or at least looked this way to me) but ended up being the main OTP.

I very rarely uncanon ship so perhaps that is why most of those uncanon-looking ships I have ended up canon - I don't swap loyalties without a LOT of canon evidence. If even I uncanon ship, these ships really must be something.

The 2001 Hallyu classic Beautiful Days. Originally, Choi Ji Woo's OTP was supposed to be the younger brother played by Ryu Si Won (bleh) - they even gave them the destined childhood meeting. Thankfully the makers saw the light and made an OTP for CJW with the workaholic, icy, wounded older brother played by Lee Byung Hun. Just as well as they became such a great OTP.

Dong Chul and Grace (Song Seung Heon and Lee Yeon Hee) from the sprawling 2008/9 hit East of Eden are in my Top 10 drama OTPs of all time, but they started out as totally uncanon. She was supposed to be a brief blip before his grand affair with Lee Da Hae's character. I was watching EoE as it aired and I fell for the combo of tormented gangster/fragile mob princess SO HARD. It was killing me they were not the end-game but I could not stop shipping them even if I tried. I was obsessed with them. Thankfully, I turned out to be one of many - this couple became very popular and got so many fans (including, of all people, Song Seung Heon, the star of EoE, who reportedly pulled behind-the-scenes strings to make them final canon), the producers ended up realizing what was good for them and made them the endgame and one of the most awesome OTPs out there.

I started out this year's awesome period drama Slave Hunters knowing I will ship Lee Da Hae's former slave with her former master/OTP Jang Hyuk. WRONG. I fell so headlong, so hard for her with the former general/now escaped slave Song Tae Ha, played by Oh Ji Ho. I shipped them so hard but I knew kdrama law - the man second in the credits never gets the girl. NEVER. I was so desperate watching this, thinking best case scenario would be they would love each other but then he'd die so she'd be free to be with Jang Hyuk. Wrong! My OTP became the drama's OTP and they ended up having happiness and hope. Oh, thank you thank you Chuno! Did I mention that Song tae Ha is my favorite male drama character ever? So perhaps I am biased.

I have not seen How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor yet, but I know the makers switched the OTPs making the secondary guy get the girl. Seeing that he's played by Park Shi Ho, I am all about it.

Something Happened in Bali is a weird beast which had two leading men, both about equally famous and So Ji Sub was before Jo In Sung in the credits - we know what that means. But I didn't care - I desperately wanted Ha Ji Won to love Jo In Sung's wounded, screwed-up rich boy. And I got very very lucky. She did. Not that it prevented Bali from being super-tragic, but at least I got my shipping, right?

Ahhh, Queen Seon Deok - I shipped Deokman with the brilliant, unstable Bidam as opposed to her announced canon OTP, the staid Yushin. But then - did anyone disagree with me there? I think not. Kim Nam Gil both shot to stardom and stole the show as Bidam, a character who was supposed to be a secondary antagonist and ended up being the leading man and the love of Deokman's life. Thank you, makers!

And here is the one which got away after all - Boys Over Flowers. To this day I ship Jandi with Ji Hoo - in fact they are a couple I really adore. The screenwriter adored them too - I am still convinced the only reason they did not end up together was because BOF was based on a very famous manga and was under contract not to radically change it. Because the writer loved Ji Hoo more than I did, if that was possible, and gave Jandi/Ji Hoo more shippy moments than Jandi and Jun Pyo, her canon OTP, ever had. As of the last ep, Jandi was still referring to Ji Hoo as her soulmate. In my personal canon, Jun Pyo pot killed in a tragic accident a few years after the drama ended and Ji Hoo and Jandi got together. You can't convince me otherwise.

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