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Watching ep 25 now and what else is new: Jandi is still weak and useless and always ready to give up - when in order to go after your boyfriend, whom supposedly you love so much, you need constant encouragement from the man whose proposal you refused or else you'll give up, you pretty much reached the definition of pathetic. God, how I miss HYD's Makino and her ornery strength.

I think we are supposed to hate Yumi for being a scheming hussy, but except for wondering if she is slightly retarded (the Doc said most patients do remember what they forgot and would she really want to be around then?) I just don't care - she is welcome to Jun Pyo, for my money.

The problem is, I so throughly ceased to care for Jun Pyo and Jandi as either individuals or a couple, I couldn't care less if they got together, ended up alone, or got run over by a train. They are self-centered AND weak, not a good combo, and I am thoroughly not convinced of their supposed love for each other.

Oh, and by now they have so throughly made Jandi unlikeable that I don't want her with Ji Hoo either. You see, I like Ji Hoo and I think he deserves someone better. Much better. And no, I don't think he deserves a female angel or similar, it's just I think Jandi is that unlikeable by now. [livejournal.com profile] scottishlass wrote a great reply to [livejournal.com profile] ambergold's post here for why Jandi's behavior to Ji Hoo after his proposal is a new low. It sums up what I think better than I could so I'll just quote one bit, hopefully she does't mind: "in her own selfishness she is so caught up with her shitty little drama, that she ignores her supposedly best friend and the agony she puts him through."

SoEul are still very awesome though - their one scene so far in this ep has me a lot more invested and liking them as both individuals and couple than the last 10 eps of JP/Jandi.

I am starting my rewatch of Hana Yori Dango, just to get the taste of this "adaptation" out of my mouth.


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