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I am so desperate to watch ep 22 of Boys Over Flowers, I am watching it on youku with hideous quality and endless buffering (and obviously no subs) as it's not on youtube yet and I don't want to wait the 20 or so minutes while I am dling (once dl finishes, I am switching to it)!

You know, I have no idea if JP objects at his own wedding or not, but I oddly find myself unbothered either way - I think I achieved such a state of zen by finally letting go any notion of him being Domyouji, and in the absence of that, I don't find it so odd that a guy wouldn't call off the wedding on which his company depends (and which would also protect the girl he loves) when the girl he'd ditch it for refused to tell him not to go and get married even when he asked her to, and when he has no indication at all she still loves him after the break-up and probably thinks she doesn't. To ditch such a wedding for nothing would be futile; it is something Domyouji would do because he doesn't get controlled and doesn't give up, but JP isn't Domyouji, unfortunately...In abstract, what JP does is not reprehensible - or maybe I've just gone soft in the head under the influence of too much BOF.

In news of the OTP I do care about even more than the main one - I've seen preview for ep 23 and heeee. Ga Eul must have been a Mountie in her past life because she always gets her man :) The funny thing is, when everybody loved SoEul because they were so cute and snipey, I was bored as they were so well-adjusted, and then when emo angst kicked in, is when I got onto the ship and am so digging their storyline now - I am such a born kdrama watcher.

ETA: Yes yes yes - JP can't object at the wedding because Evil Mom had Jandi kidnapped and sent a photo of it to her kid as a threat - I presume 'get married or your girl sleeps with the fishes?' Ahhhhh, thank you PD! That way he isn't spineless and it's totally excusable and awesome :) Ahhhh, what a caring Mom.
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