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Apparently the production team announced Boys Over Flowers might have a different ending which got people in a panic.

Heh. Good way too drum up flagging interest, production guys!

People at [livejournal.com profile] hydkorea seem to be split into three camps: pissed-off JP/Jandi shippers 'noooo, must have JP/Jandi;' prayerful Ji Hoo/Jandi shippers 'Please, please, does it mean Ji Hoo/Jandi' and the hopeful Yi Jung/Ga Eul shippers 'who cares what happens with main love quadrangle as long as we have Yi Jung/Ga Eul, please.'

I confess I am in that last camp. There is a snowball's chance in hell that this drama won't end JP/Jandi, however badly I think the writers messed up that relationship and however little evidence they gave me that those two truly have this amazing love. Forget fans hunting them down, Yoko Kamio herself would probably come down on them like an avenging angel for totally wrecking the main premise of her baby. Not to mention when was the last time a kdrama didn't have the main guy get the girl? Spring Day is the only one I can think of that arguably fits the bill, ever, and it wasn't based on an iconic manga.

I would love for it for this drama to go Ji Hoo/Jandi because the bizarre writing and character massacres in BOF made me find Ji Hoo much more compatible and much more in love with Jandi than Jun Pyo ever was, and find Jandi have a lot more fun and be herself with Ji Hoo and not Jun Pyo for the first time in my life (insanity: the manga/Taiwanese/Japanese adaptation versions of Jun Pyo/Jandi are one of my ultimate ever OTPs) but see snowball's chance comment above. I can't even bother to get het up about it.

If there is a chance they will deviate from the manga in ultimate shipping, that chance lies with Yi Jung/Ga Eul: they have been hinting about a different ending for them all along, they are side characters and not the mains for whom the story is set, and in the manga it is left rather open so it's not as if they would be violate some set in stone other OTP for them. Plus, the hordes of fangirls for them are immense - on the shipping poll at hydkorea comm, they won as the OTP most people want over both JP/Jandi and JH/Jandi. They are, frankly, by now the OTP I care about, as opposed to the main ones. They are doing with them the beloved-of-kdramas cliche of "damaged rich boy with evil family and plucky cheerful well adjusted poor girl" and frankly that cliche is popular for a reason. Sadly, that is really a pretty good description of the main OTP in the original but they screwed it up here, so Yi Jung/Ga Eul, full speed ahead! I'd watch a whole drama about your flirting and emo. (Too bad earlier written YJ/GE spoilers were false. I'd like to see kissing).

Anyway, a different ending doesn't even have to mean ship - what everyone seems to forget is that manga ends largely the way Hanadan1 ended - JP equivalent going away to NY to work as a bargain with Mama with Jandi equivalent waiting for him (they got engaged in a one-shot later but I also doubt BOF will end with the one-shot scenario and have them go to Italy - hello budget!). And Hanadan2 and Meteor Garden and anime all did their own endings. So different ending will just mean they come up with yet another way to tie it up.

Anyway, on another note, the first ep of Princess Ja Myung Go is out on viikii entirely with subs. Check it out, how can you not want to? Here are the last ten minutes from the first ep: dysfunction, women warriors, fratricide, doomed love and betrayal. Mmmm.

Also, I am so predicatable. I liked PJMG from the first minute but the precise moment I fell in love? When the following conversation occurred between King Daemushin and his son Prince Hodong:

Hodong: Your Majesty, what did you tell me before? You said if only you gain Nakrang without any blood being spilt, you would bestow leniency on them. Take pity on them. The other way there will be no end to rebellion and we will all die.
Daemushin: Your own grandfather, King Yuri, killed his own two sons. I was young and I could not understand that. How could he? How can a father kill his own child. Unless he was crazy, how could he kill his sons? I finally understand him today. For a King, a son with other intentions is nothing but a political enemy. A political enemy that must be killed and gotten rid of.
Hodong: Do you wish to kill me?
Daemushin: [throws down a puppet of a woman] You must know who this wench is. Who is she?
Hodong: It is Emperor Choi Ri's unknown daughter, Princess Ja Myung.
Daemushin: Find her and kill her.
Hodong: Father, I cannot do that! I...I...that woman...
Daemushin: When you chop off the head of that woman Jae Myung, I will make you the Crown Prince. If you father is King Daemushin, who has expanded his kingdom, then you must survive and show all other nations how to rule that kingdom.
Hodong: Your subject Hodong accepts Your Highness' command.

Heee. So, will he try to kill his OTP to achieve his ambitions? He already compromised any integrity he had quite a lot, to achieve them. And she was willing to kill him to save her country. Hmmmm.

I am a sucker for fictional dysfunctional families, and there is no dysfunction like period drama dysfunction. Also, I love my protagonists to be on the dark side, and Hodong (just like Princess Ra Hee) qualifies in spades. I guess Jae Myung gets to be the pure one.

Did I mention the part later on in flashback where an adviser tells Daemushin that if Hodong fails to get Ra Hee to destroy the sacred drum of her kingdom, he would have to be exiled. And Daemushin turns to adviser and (in Hodong's hearing) is all 'why so lenient, adviser? I will get my kid to off himself, if he fails, I don't need any weakings around.' Charming family. The scary thing? I can so see the protagonist of Kingdom of the Winds, the one I adored so and who is a younger version of Daemushin, turn into this cold, closed-off ruthless person.


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