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Who doesn't love plot?

Yes, plot.

I am so in love with My Boss My Hero. I've been laughing non-stop (except for when I took time out to ogle Nagase Tomoya). So very good!

For those who are curious and don't know: MBMH is a jdrama about a fearsome but dim mobster who is told by his father that in order to inherit the family, he needs to get a high school diploma. So at 27 or so, it's back to school for Makio (Nagase Tomoya) or else his frail but brainy brother gets to be Boss instead.

After screwing up yet another deal because of lack of math skills, Makio gets an ultimatum:

It's back to school time!

Teachers are understandably sceptical of his claims to be 17!

Principal (who is on the whole thing as a friend of Makio's father) to the rescue!

Homeroom teacher (side note: she is quite pretty!)

'Behave or else.' I presume Principal knows what he is getting into?

I am much too lazy to comment on the caps so here they are without summaries...

I keep thinking this guy is a girl who is cross-dressing, honest.

Heee. Makio has a Sousuke moment and assumes a rival mob has come to rub him out!

Intimidating a teacher...

He accidentally rescues Girly!Boy:

Out of school - heeeee.

Frail bro on the phone is a good spur to studying...

Awww, everyone knows he is a dummy!


Girly boy basically now tags along in gratitude...

My brain sort of checked out at this scene because hormones took over...

Screwing up a lesson again. But braids girl helps.

The rest of classmates are, however, jerks.


Seriously, the slashers must have loved this drama!


Pudding is a great motivator!


Methinks braids girl likes this shot as much as I do!

He already has one friend and might get another...


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