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I watched the pilot of Kristin Kreuk's new supernatural romance Beauty and the Beast and I am totally in love! I am sure if I were rational, I could nitpick it to death, but I don't care - the pilot pretty much hit every shippy kink of mine out of the gate. That happens with kdramas all the time, but incredibly rarely with American shows.

Katherine is a homicide detective who, years ago, was saved from the men who killed her mother, by a mysterious 'beast'. Nine years later, she meets him again...

I mean, as the OTP it's giving me the trope of 'guy who is sort of a bodyguard for the woman and would lay down his life for her, but has major unworthiness issues.' Mmmmmmmm nomnomnom. And the heroine even talks about them saving each other!

Their first (post saving her in the woods years ago) meeting is when she pulls a gun on him,

I love that she took on a whole bunch of killers and almost won.

Here because KK is a gorgeous woman.

He saves her from thugs, runs away, she chases after him, almost gets run over by a train and he shields her with his body. And there is meaningful staring. Does it make sense? Probably not. Is my id drinking it up? Hell yes.

Hurt/comfort! With him looking up at her! And her touching him when he is all 'I am not human unworthiness angst blah blah' OMFG! Plus, it's probably the first time he's been touched in years. All. My. Kinks.

And she shows up to tell him he is not a monster. Wearing a hell of an outfit. No wonder he is staring. This is pretty much a romance novel in TV form, isn't it? Oh, and he tries to help her with her blaming herself for her mother's death.

Yeah, I need this in my life. I wish I had the whole season to binge on.

At this point, it's pretty much like a Sherrilyn Kenyon novel :P
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