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I apologize for a lack of replies and a (relative) lack of posts - I am still recovering so my energy level is horrendously low. I promise to catch up by the weekend. I swear!

Despite feeling like oatmeal that's been left over in the pan for a couple of days, I still managed to watch and adore ep 13 of AATM. This drama is simply perfect.

He asks her again if that is her answer (that she doesn't like him back) and she confirms. And he lets he go. It kills me - it kills me that he doesn't push, that he acquiesces in her choice. It kills me that, in some part, she might not know her feelings, but in large part she reacts this way because she feels she cannot allow herself the luxury of exploring her feelings - both for her and his sake.

And then they brood, separately with the moon, their enemy, presiding.

The way he looks throughout this episode - broken yet composed, someone who knows full well the futility and the pain of his feelings, yet faces them unflinchingly, really gets me.

And then he gets up and sees her worn-out shoes and goes and buys her new ones. It seems to be a kdrama trope that you shouldn't buy shoes for a woman unless you want her to run away from you, but Eun Oh's gift makes perfect sense even within that - he knows he can't keep her - he soul or her body or her heart - these shoes are actually part of his leaving gift - his gift for her to be properly dressed for going to Heaven. If you think about it, it is also yet another step in him helping her be human, in his treating her as a human - clothes, diary, now shoes. And then the scene where he puts them on her, with that heartbreaking smile. And it kills me that he tells her not to be concerned about his emotions, that he will send her to Heaven and also get her what she wants to eat and wear. And he calls himself her 'oraboni' which guts me. I love that he doesn't negate or deny or hide his feelings - they are out there and he won't take them back, not even to protect his pride. But he will protect her wishes and her pride as well. The thing is, he isn't the only one affected - she is worried for him throughout this episode and certainly here - when she doesn't see him. They are both very alone in the world for a variety of reasons, but together they fit seamlessly.

This was a little scene but, once again, it really got me. Arang expressing her fear of solving her murder (because you know it's going to be dark and complicated but also, I think, because now she's got human attachment, she feels human emotions) and EO encouraging her, talking about Heaven. And the way he looks at her (not to mention the way he keeps saying her name in that deep, heart-breaking voice, as if he can't get enough)....

He's all 'let's go break into a house.' ILY!

I love their camaraderie and the whole 'you can't climb the roof to help/I used to' etc.

Goth Siblings Reunite! This episode was actually pretty great on reveal-o-meter. We know Demon wants to be human (but not die - can't have it both ways, sunshine!) We know only a blood relative (of either soul or body) can kill her with that magic knife (which means either Reaper or EO because demon wears EO's Mom's body). We know Jade has been keeping EO as a contingency plan (which is so cold - he revived him from the dead because he knew one day he might need to have him kill his mother. Whoa. Though if not human reaper can't kill his sister, surely it might be too much to expect human EO to kill his mother. Jade likes to gamble, I see). We know we don't have to worry about EO having to kill possessed Arang as they are not blood relatives (thank God). You just KNOW he will have to kill his 'mother' and that will be enough to wreck him for life, if he had to kill Arang too - OMFG. At least Arang should be there to try to help him cope once Mommy Demonest has to be killed. I wonder if Arang is part bait (to lure demon) and part plan 3 - demon gets body but in short time, poof, body disintegrates. If so, does demon have any alternate plans?

I love EO being all sleuthy and smart.

The way EO's whole face changes when he sees Arang with Killer Jr. And the way he is pretty much unresponsive during his and Arang's conversation in his room, like all the fight and will went out of him. And then, as she is about to leave, he tells her: "Arang. The fact that you don't like me, I can handle. But your noticing others is hard to watch." Oh God, how can you be so open and yet lacking in self-pity and so aware and so heartbreaking and how how how?

Like I said, Jade it totally creeping me out.

Yeah, things get a little awkward the next morning, and he's totally trying to avoid her. Oh, woobie!

The scene with Dol Sae where she tries to explain and smooth things. Shockingly, I didn't want to brain DS for once.

And then there is this one, which shows such a huge difference between EO of the beginning and now. And he's grown and matured so much and he's going to get his heart torn out and he knows it and he doesn't flinch away from it. It does reconfirm there isn't really a place for him but then Heaven doesn't seem super-fun either.

EO learning about Lord Choi and we also learn that there has been a power in that house. Hmmm. Also, I wonder if we'll meet EO's father - he seems to have defeated Lord Choi yet escaped without repercussions.

You know, I am still not feeling for Killer Jr. I mean - killing women. For decades. But it is interesting how he is trapped without knowing how to escape.

Oh you broody broody darlings!

She says she is going to explore casa de evil and the dam bursts and he goes after her and OMFG his confession just kills me (I am only surprised he could hold it in as long as he did) but what gets me is, despite all his 'I wish I made you change your mind' - he didn't do it, he didn't try it then, he isn't trying it now. He is honest to a point of self-brutality, but he will never pressure his will on her. Talk about negating all pride in front of feeling.

"It's because I don't know. It's because I don't know what I should do. I promised I would let you go peacefully, but honestly it isn't easy. I finally pressed it all down, but you, you were looking at him. Looking at that, the feelings that I had pushed aside come up in a fury. My insides begin to stir and I couldn't get a hold of myself. So. . .I regret what I did that night. I should have insisted even when you said it can't be. I shouldn't have believed you easily when you said you didn't feel the same way. Even if you said it was what you honestly feel, I should have ignored it. I should have convinced you. But then. . .I can't do that. I promised that I would send you to heaven peacefully, but. . .how I can now change anything without looking like a fool? That's why I did it.Because I don't know what to do. Why is it so complicated?!" (translation courtesy of viki)

And then Killer Jr. shows up and he loses it. Oh, ILY, drama!

Preview promises me this!

I am beyond obsessed with this drama!
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