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I think I figured out why I adore Faith so. It is pretty much a more adult, smarter version of Fushigi Yuugi, a manga/anime I was obsessed with years ago. Think about it - we have a cheerful heroine who has been transported from modern times to a violent fantasy world. This heroine loves to eat, is viewed as a divine symbol and the King requests her help. Her OTP is a deadly warrior with a tragic past who is beyond obsessed with protecting her. Oh, and the bad guy loves mind games, collects people with powers and has a slashtastic fixation on the hero. See? Fushigi Yuugi. Hopefully minus the death-toll.

It is now her turn to think of him, and their interactions. And I squealed when she actually fantasized about seeing him come for her again (alas, it was only hot anime dude).

I love that she is terrified but refuses to show it and is so brave and in Gi Chul's face - in large part because she wants to save Choi Young - he has saved her so many times, and it's her turn to save him now.

OK, I love Gongmin by now, but his 'tests' of loyalty should really stop being so extreme. I think it must come from the very desperation of his situation - he cannot believe anyone would be loyal to someone so beleaguered unless they guarantee it with their lives. Ummm, that might limit your followers, honey!

Gi Chul wants to make a trade - Eun Soo becoming his person in exchange for Choi Young's life (which is such a lie - he wants CY as his man, he is not killing him any time soon). I love that ES doesn't agree right away. Everyone in this is smart and is following his/her agenda - the agendas, some of them, might be noble, but they don't always align. And nobody sits passively by waiting for the world to rescue them and those they care about.

Choi Young's dream. I love it when his father said that the lake has never been frozen - because that is true - it was a dreamscape representation of his self, not real - and just like the lake, CY was never frozen no matter how he tried - there was all that warmth and life waiting to be brought out (after quite a symbolic baptismal dip). Caring for Eun Soo, grief/vengeance for the little King and loyalty to Gongmin who is, at last, worthy of it, brought on this change.

Gongmin, ILY! The ministers demand swift justice against traitor Choi Young and the King agrees - and then declares he will interrogate the traitor himself. When they freak out, he shuts them down. Damn, I love it when he is being powerful and smart and smacking them down.

The entire conversation between CY and the King is amazing, but what stood out for me was that (1) Gongmin explained what he was trying to do and how he was trying to protect Eun Soo by giving her to Gi Chul - he finally realized that to earn trust you must give it - I think being secure in CY's loyalty at last made him realize that. And CY needed to know that Gongmin does care about people (2) That CY is madly concerned if ES is OK. (3) That CY tells him the King knows who he fights, but he also must know why he fights.

This just cracks me up. Eun Soo is amazing.

CY being badass and smart and lethal and getting out of jail.

The man who gets out of jail only to (in part) make sure you are OK, is a keeper. I love that he watches her, hidden, as she looks at that flower and remembers him. And that he catches her as she almost falls off a gorge (while trying to get away from Gi Chul when his back is turned) and then silently disappears. Mmmmm swooooooon every bodyguard trope I love.

I love the grin on Gongmin's face when he sees Choi Young. And I love that he says he found why he must fight and he wants CY to teach him how. And CY telling him that Kings don't fight - Gongmin should ask him, CY, to fight for him. I love that CY is not a duty-following automaton any more, with his heart in ashes - he has found a cause, a King, and a woman to live for.

And then, conversation with the King concluded, Eun Soo protected, Choi Young returns to jail and this conversation with Gi Chul follows that gives me chills. GC explaining that he wanted to make CY his man and all of that was to that end (ummm, once again, hardcore Fushigi Yuugi similarities). And CY, eyes burning, telling him that by his actions, Gi Ghul made him want to live - before CY just wanted to die in peace but GC wouldn't let him and now he wants to live, he has a cause to fight for. Oh, Gi Chul, you unleashed your worst nightmare. (Well, worst nightmare except for wrinkles and fat pouches).

Gongmin asking Nogook for help - how far they've come from episode 2, where he snarled at her that she has to ask his permission before saying anything or going anywhere. It also really stays with me, during this conversation that (a) he has learned to trust and ask for help and (b) he wants to be worthy of Choi Young's loyalty - CY's faith has inspired him.

This scene, where Gongmin publicly changes out of his Yuan outfit into Goryo one and Nogook appears in Goryo clothes as well. Love the symbolism and balls even if, from pure aesthetic standpoint, Yuan outfits and hair appeal to me much more. Love the look on Eun Soo's face as she sees this - she sees the start of the ruler of history. (Btw, she and Gi Chul look like a royal couple somehow).

And then Gongmin, shockingly, and unknown to anyone else, calls in the Woodalchi as his loyal guard, Choi Young at their head (ummm, how did they get out? I suppose the soldiers couldn't refuse the King's order? Or maybe CY got them all out). Gi Chul, outmaneuvred! But what really gets me is the way Eun Soo looks at Choi Young - warm and proud. She looks gorgeous enough to take your breath away.

In other news, I am not watching this week's eps of Gaksital until I find out how the drama ends so, in case it ends badly, I will be prepared.

Speaking of Gaksital - being in both this and Five Fingers is doing Jin Se Yeon no favors because seeing her in two different dramas yet playing pretty much the same character highlights the limits of her range and skill. (Compare it to her Gaksital costar Joo Won - at one point I was watching him in both Gaksital and Ojakgyo Brothers and his two characters and he in the roles were vastly different). It also doesn't help that she is way outclassed by Choi Sira, Joo Ji Hoon and Ji Chang Wook. It kind of makes me wish that they got a more charismatic, experienced young actress with chops - someone like Jung So Min, Seo Woo or Im Joo Eun. I am sure I'll get over it once Gaksital is done though.
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