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I think this season is literally untenable for me.

Here is what I want to follow:

Mon/Tues - Faith
Tues - Answer Me 1997
Wed/Thurs - Bridal Mask
Wed/Thurs - Arang and the Magistrate
Sat/Sun - Five Fingers
Sat/Sun - May Queen

That is 11+ hours of TV a week (probably closer to 13, seeing that a lot of eps are 1:10). Considering I have a family, job, other hobbies, and need to sleep, this is untenable. (
I used to follow 5 dramas at a time - Big, Bridal Mask, Dr. Jin, I Need Romance 2012, A Gentleman's Dignity, but not for long before they got modified to a more manageable 3. Plus, Bg and Dr Jin were ff-central).

Yet, how to cut it?

Come hell or high water, Gaksital is staying in - I obsessed over 20 eps, I am unlikely to ditch the last 8.
I am keeping both Arang and Faith unless either unexpectedly sucks. (Please don't!)
I could probably wait to finish AM1997 until it's done, only it's the drama with the smallest time commitment (an hour a week) and if I leave it out, I am left with three heavy-duty period dramas, which might be a bit much - one needs variety.

That leaves May Queen and Five Fingers. Between the two of them, I am more likely to keep FF, as Joo Ji Hoon is back and I love makjang, yet MQ looks good and oddly Giant-like.

What to do, what to do?

I think I might stable both the weekend dramas until Bridal Mask (and possibly AM1997) end in a few weeks - there is a good chance they might have barely just gotten out of kid portions then, and I always skim those anyway.


So, likely to keep, from most to least:

1. Bridal Mask
2. Faith
2. Arang and the Magistrate
4. Answer Me 1997
5. Five Fingers
6. May Queen.
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