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So. Very. Amazing. I am pretty sure if it keeps going the way it has, this will be my favorite drama of 2012.

Let's get all the screaming out of the way: forehead kiss!!! Also, thanks to Anon poster, all I can see now is how positively huge his hands are when cradling her face. Mind = gutter.

I loved the whole conversation between Rie and Kang To, especially the part where she reminds him how he saved her life - I loved that it shows two people can perceive an event so differently - for her it's momentous and happy, for him the opposite - he's almost died many a time and this time almost resulted in his losing his career (I wonder if this was the final push into not caring).

He uses Rie as a shield when he sees Shunji (who is fast becoming a monster par excellence, dwelling on everything he hates about Gaksital) only it sort of backfires when Rie suggests Mok Dan is KT's secret girlfriend - Rie is just stirring because she is jealous but it does not help.

Kang To gets out of it by faking concern for Shunji's love life, which I would find questionable except the fact that Shunji is a homicidal maniac (who, btw, went from 'I will love her even if she killed my brother' to 'she is just a wench who helped the man who killed my brother' to (in ep 14) threatening to stick her in a nail cage. I now wonder if he stayed away from the police before because he knew his inner demon and didn't want to give it the opportunity to let loose. Because the man is insane).

Great, now they all suspect Kang To AND found out the armory was robbed. Hooray. Not.

I love that Damsari can make even fixing bombs stylish. Also, love that the whole family gets in on the act :)

Yeah, this is one poisoned relationship. As it goes when once former best friend is now a torturing psycho trying to get you.

Oh, Damsari, I love you and your rebel hotness, but are you sure that taking your daughter sans even a disguise somewhere where two dedicated cops are hunting for her is that bright? Oh well, it results in Kang To seeing her and doing his 'mad in love' face while pretending not to notice, so it's OK. Though I have to say if she doesn't wonder after he let her go like this what is going on, she is really feeble-minded - I mean, she thinks he didn't recognize her. WTF, are you thinking he's blind?

He warns DSR without appearing to do so! Clever boy! Though does DSR not wonder why Kang To is suddenly witless? (Also, Kang To, don't wrinkle that gorgeous brow! You don't want those wrinkles to stick!)

More yummy angst.

Ummm, I ship them!

I love that Kang To cannot leave Damsari to die.

And neither will BAMF Mok Dan.

I love that he lets DSR get through even though he knows he volunteered his neck on the line for security and it would mean major badness for him that he let DSR through.

The way Shunji beats up DSR - the coldness - is inhuman. I love that KT is so torn and horrified whether to interfere - his friend is beating up his love's father and you can see him wonder himself, whether he is holding back to protect his disguise or his skin. I think the insane, almost suicidal attack he does later is, in a way, to prove to himself, it was not to protect his skin that he held back with Shunji. Shunji is fully a monster now, and Kang To should just put him out of the world's misery. (Even at his worst, Kang To had people he loved whatever their leanings - Shunji has been taken over by obsession and evil - is there any doubt he'd gleefully stick Kang To into a nail cage or worse, the moment he found out he was Gaksital?)

KT helps DSR's 'wife' escape. Bonus - search for her gives him perfect excuse to be absent.

Gaksital!!! I love that Kimura is so uncaring of human life, he tries to shoot at Gaksital in a crowded room and gets a lot of the guests instead! And he tells Shunji to shoot him when he is taken hostage and Shunji does! The creepy poisoned apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Love these shots:

I love that his 'servant' cuts the lights and saves KT (who was so braved, surrounded, Shunji about to see his face - i.e., his worst nightmare). And then Revolutionary Lady throws a grenade in. I cheered seeing Shunji's evil shocked face.

Duel with the bodyguard and poor KT is wounded and at the end of his rope. But gets saved by the awesome Revolutionary lady who has a dagger as a hatpin.

Yes, meaningful stares of love! And she is concerned about his arm! Let the girl bind your wound, idiot!

Instead this happens - he binds his own wound, gets into his uniform, and this wasn't enough wincing for you, hits himself with his iron flute thingy so he'd have wounds to blend in. You are officially insane, Kang To!

Seeing the carnage wrought. I love that this isn't a truly triumphant moment. Real revolutionaries like DSR cause a hell of a lot more destruction that Gaksital ever did.

Shunji is now beating one of his own men to death for bringing bad news. The man looks Kenji seem sweet and rational by comparison. I love the tenseness with him and KT (who hauls him off the guy, all the time trying to conceal his injured arm).

I may have cheered when Kimura got fired. Plus, it's an interesting conflict, because Konno is now head and KT respects him.

Daddy and Son Psychos. How charming, family unity. Less charming is that they both suspect Kang To now. (Though people now say it was Gaksital who stuck the bomb in and do not know it was DSR's team so he's getting extra credit? Interesting point about myth v. reality).

KT is so smart with the count and countess, covering his tracks.

ILY, countess!

Shunji wants Kang To to interrogate Damsari while he watches. Shunji, you are an idiot, don't you remember an earlier 'will he beat someone?' test you did and how spectacularly that failed?

Poor Kang To, flashing to Mok Dan thanking him, as he is about to have to go and torture her father.

Eeee! He asks him questions instead and has this debate, partly as cover, but partly because he does have real questions. Also, DSR treats him a strayed kid, which I love.

Someone is having a psychotic break...and his name starts with S. I wonder who it could be?

Yup, we reached KT's breaking point - not even to protect his disguise will he let DSR die. WTF, Shunji, with your obsession with the cage of nails? Sick psycho. Shunji forces the issue and orders KT to stick DSR in with his own hands and KT gets in his face and by combo of grit, craziness and the risky 'do you trust me?' to persuade him they need DSR alive for questioning. But Shunji wants to play with his shiny toy...who could he use it on if boring Kang To scotches his fun?

Here because the room is awesome and so is Mok Dan's plotting to rescue Damsari.

Yup, even his former student is rightly terrified of him now.

I loved the conversation between DSR and KT about eggs and rocks. Because KT may be a hero, but he is doing it out of guilt and duty, he doesn't see the big picture (and the fact that he keeps doing it, even while he thinks it's hopeless is both amazing and heartbreaking - KT is so broken), and DSR is a leader, and that was an amazing inspirational speech that answered so much and KT needed so much.

KT is worried about DSR. You know, his disguise is slipping worse and worse. He always was such a straightforward emotional person. (Also, points for Shunji threatening to catch Mok Dan and put her in a nail cage to get DSR to talk. The crown for worst secondary guy is yours, dear!)

Lookie! It's Shunji's lucky day! He found someone to use his cage of nails on! It's sick how bored he is with it all (when even hardened Goiso is cringing) and then the moment he gets what he wants, he is all pleasant smiles and 'thanks for your time.' There's someone who needs killing, here.

Shunji lies to KT that he got no info about MD's whereabouts, but KT is no fool. Or is he? The thing is, when Mok Dan's safety is involved, he loses all reason - here he is begging DSR to tell him where MD is so he can protect her, and he uses her childhood name 'Boon Yi,' which should be enough to make DSR think, if his apparent sincerity and distress, aren't enough. But Shunji overhears and puts it together with the note left for Gaksital and how KT will get out of this one, I have no idea.

In conclusion, if Shunji stuck a person into a cage of nails just to get some info, I shudder to think what will happen to Kang To once Shunji finds out the truth (like he seems to at the end of the ep), especially with this drama's BDSM obsession.

Also - I've decided that those white uniforms are the single least practical item of clothing ever. The only people happy with them are the dry cleaners as the wearers seem to wade in blood more than your average vampire.
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