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1. Argh!!!! My big order from Amazon, full of Brit chick lit I was craving, was sent to the wrong address (my fault) and now I have to reorder and argghghghghghghghhgghhgh I want it now! I was never good at patience. I reordered from Alibris and now it will get here by Dec 14 but I want those books now! Especially Tash/Hugo ones. Boooo.

2. I went to see Immortals today and loved it. I can see why it had lousy reviews - it's a very idiosyncratic movie and the story is barebones, but I thought it was amazing - visually like nothing I've ever seen - like feverish paintings come to life - like those vivid nightmarish dreams you have that you half-remember when you wake up. Plus, huge bonus to anything that mentions Titanomachia. And somehow the vibe did remind me of the myths, or at least of the way they made me feel when I first discovered them when I was eight. Plus, I've never seen Henry Cavill in anything but that man is ridiculously gorgeous and masculine at the same time. Mmmmm.

3. I am behind on my dramas. I am just not in the mood somehow. No idea why. But have an Ouran cap dump.

I love them because they make me giggle and ship at the same time.

Like I said.

My favorite scene.

The hosts:

Haruhi interrupts Tamaki's big "I quit" speech and he snaps out of it. Hooray!

I loved this scene in the manga - Haruhi offers some cake to Tamaki and upper crust start muttering how common it is but Tamaki doesn't care. Awwww.

It totally takes this to get them even consider their feelings. LOL. So thick-headed. :)

4. In news of American TV shows (where I am also behind), I've pretty much given up pretending I care for anything but Bridget/Andrew in Ringer. But they are so adorable together! Sure, there is the whole 'she is impersonating her sociopath twin sister who is his wife' complication, but whatever :)

5. To console self for book-shipping fiasco mentioned in (1), I went on kindle and got a Jilly Cooper book to fill my trashy British books quota. I only had two criteria: (1) it had to be on kindle and (2) not involve horses as K&T got me all horsed-out. So I got Rivals, which is set in a fictional English county and revolves around a fight for a television station license (not sure how it works in the UK but I don't particularly mind). The station is run by a horrible backstabbing guy named Tony something, and he finally pisses off enough people that they take him on and try to take the license away from him. It's full of amoral but hilarious people who gladly sleep around and backstab and is v.v.v.v. entertaining. I pretty much adore every character (as long as I don't ever have to meet them) but my favorites, in no particular order are:

* Taggy - the only really sane person in this whole thing (at least so far, I am a quarter in). She's 19, the daughter of a famous television interviewer (who is the one spearheading the takeover). She's dyslexic, has plans for a career as a chef, and as a result of growing up with brilliant but volatile father and self-absorbed, domestically-useless mother, she's pretty much the caretaker. I think she should get whatever she wants, which seems to be a chef career.

* Declan - Taggy's Dad. He's pretty awesome but his taste in women - yikes. Maud, his wife, is pretty much the most spoiled and useless thing ever, even if hilariously entertaining as a character.

* Rupert Campbell-Black - He's in his late 30s (I think), is a cabinet minister and is an unrepentant playboy. He gets involved in the takeover with Declan. I really shouldn't like him because he's got the morals of a cat and pretty much does anything in skirts, but in addition to being hot, he is ridiculously hilarious and entertaining. I mean, I cannot not love him after exchanges like this (Valerie is the resident social climber):

'Sharon's only allowed to watch [TV] occasionally at weekends,' said Valerie smugly. 'When I was young, my sister and I made our own amusements.'
'So did I,' agreed Rupert, 'until Nanny told me it would make me go blind.'


Because I am a bad person, I peeked at the end and apparently Rupert and Taggy become a couple? (!!!!!!) I am madly curious as to how that would happen as where I am at, she cannot stand the sight of him and he's chasing everything that moves (though thinks she's pretty). Hmmmm. Ever since I read These Old Shades as a teenager, I've been a sucker for 'super-slutty older man falls madly for younger woman who he doesn't think he can have' trope so...anticipating this.

6. From now through New Year's, posting is probably spotty because of a lot of family events and travel. Sorry :)
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