Jan. 5th, 2012

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Am importing everything from LJ at long last and will try to be better at cross-posting now. We'll see.

Also, is anyone as wildly unenthused about kdrama winter season as I am? I mean, Padam Padam is amaI g (though I am way behind as it requires my full attention) and What's Up is good, but they are halfway through their run. I mean dramas that have started or about to start. I am going to give Moon that embraces the Sun a chance but not for week, until subs appear and kiddie eps are done, but I am not super enthused and the other dramas don't grab me at all.

Still, I now have at least one kdrama to look forward to this year- Joo Won has been announced as the lead in Bridal Mask which seems like City Hunter Meets Capital Scandal and is based on a famous manga. I waaaant!!!!!!
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Why do I not have any Bu Bu Jing Xin icons? (Ah, cdramas. Overall, much as I enjoy Korean period dramas, nothing does it for me like period cdramas - they fit me ideally in terms of structure, pacing, approach.)

Checking out Huan Zhu Ge Ge, which is harmless dumb fun, made me crave a quality Qing story and, because I have no sense of self-preservation, I am currently selectively Ruoxi/Four-exclusively rewatching BBJX. Next, I shall progress to hitting myself over the head with a hammer for entertainment.

God, this is such a gorgeous, nuanced drama which manages to be both restrained and passionate, romantic and soul-destroying. GUUUUUUUH. It is also the one drama where I keep the raws just for capping.

And guess what, my obsession is your gain, because I bring you caps from this amazing scene in ep 17. (I took close to 500 caps, before I went culling. The less said...)

More more more MOAR!!!! )

It's funny because before the drama aired, I remember blabbering all over that BBJX story sounded boring, the trailers didn't work for me, Nicky Wu was much too old for Liu Shi Shi and looked like a gargoyle in Qing get-up. And then...ahahahaha. So much crow. I loved the story and thought LSS and NW had ridiculous chemistry with a few spare Universes to burn. And, while I still think Qing look is not for Nicky (unlike Kevin Cheng, who proved he's god among men, by performing a miracle and looking drop-dead-gorgeous even with the queue), it simply didn't matter - the sheer force of Four's personality and Nicky's charisma in the role, made my quibbles immaterial.

Speaking of the doomed pair, any rumors of them being paired again? Mainland seems to like to pair successful couples again, and if they do so here, I can pretend this is a happy AU which didn't end up murdering my soul. If that is too much to beg for, I'll settle for LSS with Kevin Cheng, if you are listening, TPTB! (Btw, when is Kevin's Mystery in the Palace coming out? I want!!! Except for Feng Shao Feng, he's the only man I've seen who's managed to remain gorgeous even with the half-bald/queue look).


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