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1. If there is anything cuter than Yang Mi and Feng Shao Feng (a.k.a. my current obssession Qing Chuan and Eight a.k.a. period Makino and Domyouji in JPLH) singing together on some variety show, I have yet to see it.

I don't care about the weird background/dancers or the fact that FSF, while he sounds nice for not a professional, should stick to acting. I don't care. Because OH THE CUTE, IT KILLS ME. I want to squish them into one adorable ball of squee. When is the JPLH sequel coming out again? Not that I finished JPLH itself yet. Though I should probably stop haunting withs2 for more Jade Palace Lock Heart subs - if I check every few hours, the status won't change.

Semi-related, from browsing on-line, I noticed people either really love JPLH and think upcoming BBJX is not their cup of tea, or really dislike JPLH and really look forward to BBJX. There is not much overlap. Hmmmm. (Disclosure - I am fully in the former camp).

2. Speaking of cute couples I adore, I continued with twdrama Endless Love with Wilbur Pan and Sandrine Panna.

I saw the first three eps, fell madly in love, then got sidetracked and was waiting for a lot of dlable files/subs so I could binge. Well, I started the binge, am on ep 4 and still - I have no words for how much I love it. As [livejournal.com profile] ockoala is to Happiness is a Sunny Day is [livejournal.com profile] dangermousie to Endless Love. Most of my love is motivated by my ridiculous, irrational, protective love of Wilbur and Sandrine's characters - they are such lovely and realistic people (I especially love Wilbur's character - I feel ridiculously emotionally overinvested in him) - and their explosive chemistry. Nobody does a romantic drama quite like twdramas. I know this one is going to break my heart before giving me the inevitable happy ending, and I am ready for the ride.

And speaking of the two of them, even though I posted this MV before, I love it so much, it merits a repost. I dare anyone watching it not wanting to check out the drama.

3. I only had time for one ep of Young Warriors of the Yang Clan today. I finally understand why some fangirls ship Lady Blacksmith with Yelu Xie.

They do share a great deal of chemistry plus Yuan Hong is a good-looking and charismatic guy.

But I am still on the Five/Blacksmith ship. Seriously, hotness or not, Yelu Xie is sworn to invade and destroy Blacksmith's country, likely killing scores of her friends and acquiantances in the process. Not to mention he's palling around with the guy who killed her parents and has no problem with said guy offing tons of innocents to help him invade. Good boyfriend material he's not. Also, Five is not only righteous and upright but totally adorable.

Love them:

Yelu Xie and Lady Blacksmith do have some mondo chemistry though:

Plus, he's good-looking. Too bad he's a bad guy. Lady Blacksmith is miles too good for him.

I guess I just always go for the good guys.

4. Dream High ended today. I completely lost interest in it during the second half (I think I am just too old for those types of stories). But I do plan to check out the concert special tomorrow. Singing and dancing yay.

5. The first two eps of The Holy Pearl are subbed on viki.

6. O-M-G. Unless I am very much mistaken, the below is Yu Yutong-centric MV from the 2009 version of The Book and the Sword a.k.a. the only Louis Cha novel I've read. Talking to [livejournal.com profile] hamster428 reminded me how much I liked the guy - he was basically my crush from the book. I mean, the scholar/fighter/flute player/likes to cut himself is a combo made just for moi.

I know that Jiang Hu is subbing this. Off to look as soon as I finish Yang Clan. Qing hairstyles bother me less and less.

7. And speaking of wuxias on my short list, my raging obsession with Peter Ho shows no signs of abating so I got my DVDs of Men and Legends out and plan to get on them after I finish Yang Clan - it will make a nice counterpoint to The Book and the Sword. Turn of the century! Dylan Kuo and Peter Ho! OTPs! From what I am aware of, Peter Ho and his OTP, who's a plucky reporter, are cute for most of the run of the drama until they get hit with the angst hammer and are beaten into bloody bits with it. Ah, yes, it's a Peter Ho drama all right.



8. Despite my misgivings, I decided to give the first ep of Midas a try. We'll see how it goes. Oh, Jang Hyuk, see what you make me do!

OK, this is getting very long, so good-night, everyone!
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