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Chun Jung Myung/Han Ji Hye sageuk about a son of an aristocrat and a son of a slave switched at birth, has released this teaser:

Obviously, this is from the early eps as they are still filming.

Hmmmmm. I loathe the bizarre, washed out, overlay on this - it makes me feel as if I am looking through a dirty soup strainer. It's like a 10-yr-old who got his hands on photoshop for the first time. One of the big selling points for any drama, but especially period drama, is the visuals - so why make it look so horrible in the teaser when I am sure it looks OK in reality.

Also, too much screaming. Just an awful teaser for what I am sure will be a decent drama. Compare that teaser to the one for the 2009 period drama The Kingdom of the Winds (I picked KOTW because it was also a period drama which was not prefilmed thus only first few eps were used for a teaser):

KOTW is how you do the teaser, people. That one would make me watch a drama of which I previously was unaware. The Duo's teaser would make me want to skip the drama except for the fact that I've been avidly expecting it and also know it's not as off-looking as the teaser makes it seem.

And speaking of period dramas, [livejournal.com profile] ockoala convinced me to try out Seo Dong Yo by promising me some epic period romance but I looked up the number of eps and it's 55. Fifty-five!. That's longer than Chuno and Return of Iljimae combined! *weeps* I am going to brave it anyway, so we'll see how it goes. Have a MV:

I sort of feel like a Tamra/Hong Gil Dong/ROI/KOTW/Chuno rewatch (not at the same time, obviously). I crave me some period goodness! Anyone watch Kim Suro and is it good? (Keeping in mind my adoration for period stuff and love of Ji Sung?)
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