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Oooooooh. Finally! YESSSSSS! Jin Jin learns the truth about Creepy and her family tragedy. I feel bad for darling Kang Suk, who is going to get his heart totally mangled, but OTOH, I cannt wait for her to go freaking terminator on Creepy's ass and take him apart piece by piece.

It's on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooo!!!! My cash is on Jin Jin!

(You know, I love how in Gloria events logically follow - Creepy is a horrible person so finally things catch up with him - you can get away with something once or twice but if you keep screwing people over, you are going to mess with the wrong person eventually. None of this would have happened if Creepy wasn't feeling piqued because Yoon Seo ran off and thus scotched Kang Suk and Jin Jin getting married out of pure spite. Because that let to JJoo talking to Grandma and Grandma planning revenge, which lead to Creepy's panic and attempt to kill JJoo, which is when backstory came out and now he is doing DOWN so hard!)

I love it when they fight. Mmmm, angst. Especially when the uber-reserved Kang Suk is so emotionally naked with her. And I love how JJ manages to hold it in just until he leaves. (She is scarily strong).

I really liked this scene because, yes, I feel bad for KS, but I love how good his relationship with his Mom is now and also she hugged him! I remember what he said back in 20s about how he never showed him affection because she knew she'd have to give him away.

That's after they get back together (after the kneeling scene)

So adorable!

Let's not forget my other OTP.

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