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How does this drama get better and better? I don't know, but my level of obsession with it has reached the level of obsession Sun Joon has with Yoon Hee (seriously, do none of the other students notice/comment on his degree of fixation on his male roommate? I mean, I've seen drama heroes who knew the other party was a girl and were openly courting her, be less obsessed).

I was glad it wasn't In Soo and his flunkies who injured Sun Joon but Sorons who were pissed at him for his particular stands. It makes it more complicated and also didn't seem to fit In Soo's modus operandi - the guy is too arrogant and wants to beat SJ on his merits, not by crippling him out of archery competition.

Nice to see that even the nasty Minister of War has some warmth in him (towards his hilarious daughter). I continue to be really bored by Yong Ha (is that his name? Song Joong Ki's character), but I bet I am the only one - seriously, if he was written out, I wouldn't even notice.

I loved Yoon Hee standing up to Prof What's-his-Name and demanding her right to stay at Sungkyunhwan.

This was also the first ep I genuinely fell for Jae Shin. The scene near the end when he does the archery positions with Yoon Hee in the rain and grins - oh my heaven, I was this close to swooning.

But, as always, for me this was all about Yoon Hee and Sun Joon and their interactions and just...guuuuuuuh. That whole confrontation over the archery tournament (am I sick, I kinda love it when they fight?) and then his telling her he will get five arrows bullseye even though he can only use his left hand now due to his injury (btw, I did archery in college and these medieval bows look pretty damn scary - much harder than the modern ones), and if he does, she has to pick the bow up again and not remain terrified of it for the rest of her life. And this is so Sun Joon - this frightening, total, single-minded intensity, the utter inability to give up no matter what and no matter what it costs him. I love that he basically practices like a mad person, at night, in the rain, whatever. I can see why he really doesn't have friends or even companions outside of Yoon Hee. I love him to death but he must be an uncomfortable person to be around - so uncompromising and driven as he is. The final scene with them in the rain asjdofjfdghfjygftkgmfcdk. And of course, all the bystanders (and the viewers) believe that is was Yoon Hee who finally talked him into stopping practicing, when he finally does, but then he walks off and the camera pans to show he did get his 5 arrows.

Anyway, I adore this drama insanely. Possibly because Sun Joon reminds me a bit, character-wise, of a younger version of General Song Tae Ha from Chuno, a.k.a. my biggest drama crush ever.
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