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Oh God, I think I might have developed a girlcrush.

This is Shriya, a Telugu movie star. I've never seen her in anything (I've never seen a Telugu movie), but I keep staring at the picture.

She is the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen.

In other news, I remain fascinated with Que Sera Sera and am waiting for the weekend to binge fully.

Just look at this adorableness:

Ohhh, Que Sera Sera. It just ended and I found out how and I am satisfied, so, yup, now time for binge watching soon. (Of course, Witch Yoo Hee, Thank You and Hello Miss also just ended and The devil is about done, so I foresee a binge of ginganto proportions anyway).

For those who want to know, this is the synopsis (I posted it earlier):

The most romantic melodramas often make it appear as if a love story can be the end of the world for the people involved, but reality teaches us that is rarely the case. We fall in love, make great experiences and not so great ones, and then break up. All that is left is recover, and start again. The four characters in MBC's new miniseries Que Sera, Sera always put love way down their list of priorities exactly for that reason. A successful fashion designer (Yoon Ji Hye of No Mercy for the Rude), a reserved planning director (Lee Gyu Han of My Lovely Sam Soon), a spunky clerk (Jung Yoo Mi of Family Ties), and the most energetic of event planners (Shinhwa member Eric of Super Rookie). For them love is more like a passing joy than a life-time commitment. That is what they think until they find the spark showing them otherwise.

And for now, I bring you adorable pics.

Elevator angst:


And because I am clearly in a pictures mood, here are some pics of my most anticipated summer drama, Lee Jun Ki’s kdrama Time Between Dog and Wolf

And more pics from Lee Jun Ki’s upcoming movie Virgin Snow

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