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I apologize for the sporadic nature of my posts, but Mr. Mousie is very busy for a couple of weeks, so I am a de facto single parent through next week, which leaves one with a bit less time to blog. Anyway...

1. I am ridiculously nostalgic and feel like a Goong rewatch. It's my favorite candy-colored, emotionally-real-despite-manga-setup delight. Plus, I adore both Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon and their chemistry is insane. Who's with me? :)

2. I tried Dream High 2 and I didn't loathe it or anything, but it didn't click. There are too many characters, none of whom I can distinguish from one another and none of them interesting enough to motivate me to try. It feels like chewing plastic. The first DH, despite its flaws, was genuinely fun. Part of DH2's misfortune is that I keep comparing it to scruffy, heartfelt, real Shut Up, but leaving that aside, it's genuinely uninspiring on its own merits.

3. In news of other dramas that bored me - I gave Fermentation Family a chance, I really did. I know it's from the same people who made Mawang and Resurrection, but if I didn't know it, I would have never believed it. I believe FF may be used as a sleep inducer in insomniacs.

4. I am slowly watching and liking period cdrama Pretty Maid. Though unless I am missing something (and I hope I am), isn't the heroine and her OTP half-siblings? Eeeek.

5. I am madly excited to check out Hanbando/Korean Peninsula/Peninsula/18 million other titles. No softsubs yet, but it's streaming on dramafever.

6. This scene is pretty much the most awesome thing ever:

The one where he gets poisoned defending her, she immobilizes him so he won't be able to protest when she sucks out the poison, then she collapses but he manages to get her to the healing place in time )


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