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May. 24th, 2017 05:49 pm
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Chandra Prasad, On Borrowed Wings (2007): in the 1930s US Northeast, a rich-WASP-family mother and Italian American quarrier father had two children. Charles was homeschooled rigorously to attend college; Adele, quicker of memory, was always told she'd marry a quarrier, even as her father began dying from the stone dust before middle age. Then something happens, and Adele takes Charles's place as a Yale frosh in drag.

I had expected rather worse. (Sorry.) As it is, the narrative has about the critical depth of a '00s jdrama: the story lines up some dots, then leaves the reader/viewer to connect them or search for more while it flits to the next scene. Adele cannot help but activate dots as she muses upon quarry misfortunes, her mother's iron recollections of being a rich girl, or the entirely new landscape of Yale, where the maids in the dining hall remind her of herself, taking in laundry a few months prior. But Adele is only a bit too thin as a character enabling the writer's gaze to slice and parry some dust bunnies of privilege; it's fine. It's actually a relief to have the cross-dressing topos given straight so that one may focus upon 1936 as depicted: Adele takes a workstudy placement involving eugenic research which she (incredibly) bends from the inside out. The love interest is obligatory, probably the weakest aspect.

Adele's heritage is based upon that of one of Prasad's parents. I borrowed Wings from the library after seeing a ref to Mixed, an anthology of short stories edited by Prasad which the local libraries don't have.

The Last Line Meme

May. 23rd, 2017 12:29 pm
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Because I think we all need some mindless stuff at the moment, have a meme that I took from [personal profile] musesfool.

Cite the final line of five of your fics – your favorites, or the most recent ones.

1. There was still happiness yet to come...for both the living, as well as for the undead. Wrap The Cloak Of Night Around His Shoulders. Dracula (1968), following the wedding between Seward and Mina.

2. With this bittersweet chapter concluded, they would see to the rest of their lives. Let The Shadows Become Your Shroud. Crimson Peak (2015). That’s basically Alan and Edith limping off to see to their wounds, mourn Thomas, and just live, in the aftermath of a massive exorcism of a ghost from reality itself.

3. There was solace in the shadows, for both young and old vampires alike. Give Your Soul To The Night. Fright Night (1985). Jerry is revelling in winning as quietly as he can, while settling down for a nap, surrounded by turned teenagers, in his coffin in the basement.

4. Only the dead remained. Blood Begets A Curse Anew. Legend (1985). It probably is as grim as it sounds, as Darkness basically teleported a changed Lili (help me; I keep writing Lucy) out of the dining hall, after teleporting the goblins away to somewhere presumably unpleasant. Oh, and should anyone be curious about this story, do beware of a bit of animal sacrifice at the beginning, and references to torture in the middle.

5. And we gladly feast on those that would subdue us. Because We’re Addamses. Wednesday Addams is thinking, and thereby reiterating a statement made in the first Addams Family film.
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This is not in order of importance, but in order of how recently I heard of it.

1. Sir Roger Moore has passed away at the age of 89, following a “short but brave battle with cancer.” He will be best known for his role as James Bond, over the course of seven films. Sherlock Holmes fans may also remember that he was Holmes in the film Sherlock Holmes In New York (1976).

2. My condolences must also go out to Zack Snyder, his wife, and the rest of his family in the wake of a family tragedy. Snyder will be stepping down as the director of Justice League as he mourns the loss of his daughter, and requested that Joss Whedon direct additional material for him.

3. And lastly, but certainly not least: as the numbers confirmed to be both dead and injured continue to rise, my thoughts are with the families affected by the suicide bombing at Manchester yesterday. It just didn’t feel right to post condolences and not mention this one as well. Here’s James Corden’s message to Manchester.
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12 Monkeys: How to write a season finale with a brilliant and unexpected twist that adds layers to character and reinforces your ongoing themes and leaves your fandom going “Whhhaaaaaa.....?

spoilers )

Into the Badlands: How to write a season finale with a twist guaranteed to piss off the majority of your fanbase, displays bad and lazy writing, and tosses themes that you get praised for and season long character arcs into the garbage for shock value, leaving your fandom going “WTF HATEHATEHATEHATEHATE.”

spoilers )

fiber monday

May. 21st, 2017 08:00 pm
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Status: Tidblad for MIL is nearly at midpoint. ___Sand has two completed sleeves and the right shoulder width!! Body is paused for a break near 70% to let my finger heal: half-cotton yarn and a tendency to push the working needle back through = callus, stress-burst skin, and a bit of a bruise beneath them. Oops.

Having attempted to sew exactly zero of the patterns for tops that I've eyed since two years ago, I've renewed contemplation of knitting some: not cardigans but the layer beneath, as complement to the few cotton buttondowns left from grad-school teaching, the few linen buttondowns bought since (pricier), and the usually plain T-shirts to which I still default.

Read more... )

It's fine to have more ideas than time: beats boredom.

icons: Ever After High

May. 21st, 2017 07:01 pm
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86 x Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland

here )

some things

May. 20th, 2017 09:15 pm
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* If pre-Bronze Age mitteleuropäisch archaeology interests you (the chunk preceding what's sometimes called Hallstatt culture), check out

* Osugi Ren, a solid character-actor who seems to work regularly, plays the eponymous father in a new jdrama called Final Fantasy XIV: Hikari no otōsan (father of light). Summary: Ren's character takes slightly early retirement after a work-focused life, and he and his son bond while playing FF14.

I would like to know who or what has jumped a shark here, but not enough to try to watch the show.

* [personal profile] skygiants has pointed out that I Hear Your Voice seems to have a subtext of Ace Attorney characters and lines. Reading recaps for the first two hours' worth of Suspicious Partner (now broken into four eps instead of two due to the introduction of midpoint commercial breaks), I wonder---it seems to have a similar evocation.

* I'm convincing myself slowly to pick up Persona 4 again, this time to finish it. The game's internal calendar follows the (Japanese) school year; I've played from April through sometime in fall on a PS2, then restarted (P4Golden) on a Vita and played from April till a bit shy of December break. Both saved games remain available, but I'm much more likely to use a Vita during summertime than an old-style, extra heat-generating PS3---which also makes P4G more attractive than the recently released Persona 5.

* If I do resume P4G, I'll continue not watching tv. :P Kinkyū torishirabeshitsu S2 is emerging; Star Trek: Discovery---which partner seems to want to watch more than I do---doesn't start till the fall. Or perhaps I'll keep playing Bonza National Geographic, a word game plus occasional jigsaw puzzle for smartphones, and reading syndicated feeds. I'd rather regain a tolerance for reading books. I have a book post for Wed, actually, after writing briefly about a book read more than a month ago, but it's the very last queued post. *whistles*

* Still sort of coughing---noticeably less even than last week. Zeno's paradox lives. Let's see how I do with three nights of single parenting before I declare the pneumonia gone.

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May. 20th, 2017 03:48 pm
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 I really have no idea why SyFy thought it was a good idea to air the entire 3rd season of 12 Monkeys in one weekend. (I also thought it wasn't airing until June for some reason.)  They're calling it an "event" which I guess it qualifies as, though that terminology is usually saved for miniseries an TV movies, not the latest season of a show that used to air one episode a seek. I mean, it's definitely a bingeworthy show.  I just finished last night's episodes, and it was definitely written to be a single storyarc and watched together, so there was that, it just seems to be an odd decision.  Then again, SyFy pretty much cancelled it and renewed it for a 4th season simultaneously a few months back, so who knows what they're thinking.

Mostly the episodes were good, however...

brief spoiler )

The First Five Lines Meme

May. 19th, 2017 12:28 pm
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List the first five (or so) lines of your last 20 stories (or however many you have altogether. WIPs count). See if there are any patterns.

Beneath the cut, have the openings for five posted stories and two WIP’s. )

some things

May. 16th, 2017 10:14 pm
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* Having run out of Ace Attorney fics I'm willing to skim, I've turned to sampling the trickle of Shirogane Naoto-focused Persona 4 fics. That's this week's "reading Wednesday." Most of the fics about the game's protagonist ship the protag with Yōsuke, which I can't understand at all except as a fannish emanation; Yōsuke is the closest the game has to an everyperson, so people write themselves in that way, sometimes. But. Anyway, fewer writers seem willing to tackle writing Naoto unless they have an idea of what to make of an overly serious, precocious, hereditary-detective, gender-fluid 17yo (P4 takes place at a high school). The prevailing ship is Naoto/Kanji, which is all right.

(The internet suggests that the game uses 白鐘 for Shirogane---鐘 and not the kane I'm used to as 金, K gim/geum. Shiro = white, though one may take any of several semantic forking paths thence. I suppose 白鐘 may be meant ± as "clear bell"; it took some prodding of Wiktionary to get there. Please object if one may not reach there from here.)

I've also begun the slow process of closing agèd Yuletide browser tabs: anything longer than 9k words is downloaded as epub, which ...tends to get it read more quickly than something in a browser tab. Whatever works. If I'm still feebler of mind than normal-for-patient after that, perhaps I'll sift for more videogame-fandom fics, but there's really quite a pile of stashed Yuletide.

* Reason made me two Mother's Day cards, one of which she presented at 6:22 a.m. because "It's important!" She's been making birthday cards somewhat in advance for agemates who invite her to parties; as she began coloring something for partner in anticipation of Father's Day, she made aggrieved noises about how no one makes cards for her, so I said we'd start to observe Children's Day, which falls near her half-birthday. Since we're past it this year, I'm coloring her a postcard from the Pepin Arabian Design set. She's already colored most of those and the Turkish set; she prefers the latter, which are less tile-like. Some are complex, but the spaces aren't as tiny as in the Batsford ones, and postcards are less than half the size of most coloring-book pages. I remember that it sometimes took me several weeks to finish a page in the Bellerophon coloring books (I had Inca/Aztec/Maya and Ancient Ireland) when I was seven or eight. Bellerophon's were a bit nicer than Dover's---no idea whether that's true now.

very tentative WisCon schedule

May. 16th, 2017 04:54 pm
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 Thursday:  arrive around 12:30, no actual plans beyond staying the night with [ profile] sophygurl .  Feel dead the whole time because my plane leaves at 6: 30 am and I can barely get up that early, much less at least 1 1/2 hours earlier to get to the airport on time.

FridaY;  Move to my room at some point and wait for [personal profile] lyssie to arrive.

4-5:15: Love Love Peace Peace: What Makes a Fun Story? 

Saturday:  Farmers Market in the morning, must find people to go with.

8:30-9:45 am (assuming I actually get moving and finish at Farmer's Market by then, which isn't likely)  Rebel Scum: Finding Hope In Resistance 

10-11:15 am (even though I didn't watch the show)  Yuri on Ice! Skating on Love! 

1-2:15  Red As Blood: Women and Gothic Horror 


1-2:15 (if I manage to watch some of it by then)  The Women of Luke Cage 

2:30-3:45:  Hidden Figures 
Moral Ambiguity In Fiction 

Monday:  No panels, I don't think, leaving sometime in the afternoon.

I'm not on any panels this year, so they're all pretty tentative and can be dropped in favor of hanging out with people, which is how I intend to spend most of my time, if anyone wants to schedule anything.

What I'm watching in May

May. 15th, 2017 09:51 pm
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Bad Thief, Good Thief
Chicago Typewriter
*Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People
Ruler: Master of the Mask
Suspicious Partner


Granblue Fantasy
Grimoire of Zero
Sakura Quest

Indian drama:

Razia Sultan


*Brooklyn 99
*Into the Badlands
*Madam Secretary

*=Series/season that ends in May

I don’t think any of my summer US shows start until June, aside from Still Starcrossed, and there are a couple kdramas that start this month that I plan to check out, but who knows. Maybe I’ll finally get to put a dent in my Netflix queue.

Rest In Peace, Powers Boothe

May. 15th, 2017 12:14 pm
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Powers Boothe has passed away at the age of 68; he died in his sleep from natural causes. May he rest in peace. I caught him in a couple episodes of Agents of SHIELD as Gideon Malick when I was still watching it from time to time. I think I primarily remember him as the voice of Gorilla Grodd in Justice League Unlimited.

Three Items of Note

May. 14th, 2017 10:51 am
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1. Happy birthday to [personal profile] lost_spook!

2. [ profile] whatwasthatbook is closing, over on Livejournal.

I truly hope they end up on Dreamwidth, with all posts imported. Just in case they don’t? I’ll be going through all the tags and jotting down particular found books that I’m interested in locating, just in case they delete the group.

It’s one of the few (well, that still had posts coming in) I was really still keeping track of on Livejournal these days.

3. Moments before composing this entry, I also heard that Timothy Omundson suffered a stroke while at Tampa Airport. So best wishes go out to him. He was one of my favorite parts of Galavant (I didn’t watch much of Psych, but when I did I loved him there).

If you're reading this on the Dreamwidth side, you'll see I added an icon of King Richard from Galavant, since I was strangely lacking in related icons.

Catching up with the Times

May. 13th, 2017 08:30 pm
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It's almost halfway through 2017 and I generally get reflective around this time, because graduation, but today, my main reason for posting is three-fold.

1) Hi -I've changed my username yet again xD When I started on this platform, I was known as everlasting_dream. On LJ, I was dark3princess --> lastingdreams8 (lastingdream on other platforms where that wasn't taken) and owaranai_natsu was my fanfic LJ page. For some reason, on the night that I decided I would pay for the rename token, I decided I was going to be owaranai_natsu here. I think this is in part that my email is such and "endless summer" is as equally me as "lastingdreams" is. Plus, it's one way of deviating from LJ, which I don't think I'll return to due to the recent changes in their ownership and policies.

Confusingly (or not), I did make my fanfic page here lastingdreams, which matches my AOA name. Even more confusing is my name is still owaranai.natsu, but I don't use that platform anymore. So whatever. I'm all of those names -it's still me ;)

2) I've been going through my old posts and not only because of the importing from LJ to DW, but also because of the change in imageshack's services, most of my posts are now littered with X's where the images were :( They emailed me at the end of last year warning me that they'd no longer host non-paying users' images, but I didn't pay too much attention to that email until it was too late xD I have some images saved and some others hosted on Photobucket, but it's going to be a huge undertaking/pain if I ever decide to be OCD and reupload everything and find its place, if I even have those original images to begin with. A lot of them were screen captures of dramas and stuff, so it's not overly important, but still irks me greatly. I big chunk of my posts were drama/movie related, so now it's just text and without photo-context, it's kind of hard to understand. I don't imagine many new friends will browse through old posts, but I'm the type of person who would, so bleh :(

The other thing that's frustrating is that some of my Youtube links are all weird. Some are deleted, of course, but some links embedded multiple times throughout entries. For example, I uploaded a video from Dragon*con and it popped up on several posts that had Youtube videos, but was not the original Youtube video I had embeded. I don't know -there's a lot of cleaning up that I'd want to do. It's 11 years of posts I want to do that? lol xD

3) I've finally caught the EXO bug. I mean, I liked their debut song "What is Love" and had two of their other songs on my iPod (Angel and Miracles in December), but didn't bother to know each of their names and such until now. I don't know how this ended up on my feed, but I really enjoy dance practice videos and the lighting caught my attention. Then the first beats started and something about Baekhyun's hair as it lifted off his head when he danced hooked me. Don't ask my why that of all things, but I'm trying to catch up on their activities. I don't know any of their songs within albums, but I know most of their title songs.
I've always enjoyed D.O.'s acting, but his voice is also excellent. Thus my new icon! I also really like Chanyeol, Suho, and Chen.
For some reason, SM didn't want to let people embed the original video, so here's the best I could find to show you :)

(no subject)

May. 13th, 2017 04:39 pm
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 Shows I lost in the May upfronts:

Emerald City
The Catch
Powerless (technically not in the upfronts, but...)

Shows that got renewed:

Brooklyn 99

Still in limbo: 

Underground (Not one that would be covered in the upfronts, but it's still in renewal limbo)


Timeless  (NBC is making it a summer show with shorter seasons, so its joining most of the other SF shows I watch.)

some things

May. 12th, 2017 02:51 pm
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* Physical therapy is great.

* Retaining mild pneumonia six weeks after it was not mild is not great. Worked from home two days this week---very glad of the ability to do so. I'm not sick enough to be out sick, and there are things to do; I can't nap at the office, and I have really needed those naps. Mostly, I feel glad that this isn't like the friend of a friend who contracted West Nile virus, "recovered," then was unable to continue thinking technically in the modes to which they'd been accustomed. I'm only a bit slower than I would've been, these six weeks, despite the fortification of extra time lying flat. (Not being able to read fiction == spending a higher percentage than usual of my brain upon actual!work. I barely read email lately (except during commute via phone), for which I apologize to the few people to whom it may pertain.)

* I've passed the six-month mark since my current job began in its current incarnation, i.e. excluding the quasi-internship. Read more... )

Casting The New Mutants

May. 12th, 2017 11:13 am
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Maisie Williams has been cast as Rahne Sinclair for the New Mutants film, while Anya Taylor-Joy will be Illyana Rasputin. This went around at least once before as a rumor. It’s being officially confirmed this time.

While I have no interest whatsoever in Game of Thrones, I have seen Maisie Williams in Doctor Who. She can act. However, I’m not entirely sure how good of a fit she would be for Rahne. I have seen Anya Taylor-Joy in Split (2016); from all I've read, she's far better as Thomasin in The Witch (2015). I have yet to see it, so I wouldn't know.

In order to make any sort of sense, they’ll probably have to scrap Illyana’s origin story of Limbo and Belasco. Then again, Warlock is supposed to be in the film, too. Karma is being left out. It would have been nice to see her in a New Mutants film.

I don’t know what current actress could work as Dani Moonstar.


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