Date: 2012-11-03 05:29 am (UTC)
and here when I saw this picture I thought you were going to write about how this boy has a striking resemblance to Matsujun lol. Oh wait a minute, I just checked his name again...thats chansung from 2pm! XD Haha he actually doesnt always look as young and delicate as he does in this pic. He's got a big fit body like the rest of 2PM ie he looks like a grown man lol. (which technically he is a grown man but you know there's so many delicate pretty faced idol guys out there that look deceptively young so) I dunno if that helps u any tho lol. Frankly I'm more offended Chansung's casting cause I cant stand 2PM. They couldnt have picked one of those cuties in Infinite? at least 3 or 4 of them can do acting decently enough! *ahem* anyway. I remain unfazed by all of this. and I actually dont care when plain janes or older women or plain jane older women get hot dudes because why not? Yeah its maybe not super believable but it DOES happen in real life sometimes and even if it never did isnt it nice for a woman to have that fantasy? So many ugly/old/fat guys etc get to have the fantasy of the gorgeous young woman being in love with them or marrying them via films and television (admittedly this happens more in western tv but it does happen in kdramas too) come true so to speak so why not women too? I mean the only thing I'd be concerned with is whether CKH can play her role well. and I think they cast her because of her comic chops, they prob want her character to be more funny than sexy (altho u CAN be both imo) but anyway I'll withhold judgement till I see the drama (this reminds me of my sister being rly grossed out by Ben/Leslie ship on Parks and Rec which is an american sitcom dunno if u watch it or even like sitcoms lol. But its basically Amy Poehler and Adam Scott, they both do comedy roles usually but Adam is younger and more conventionally attractive than Amy, so my sis didnt get the pairing but she also never watches the show and if you do they are actually an excellent match and Amy's character Leslie is so amazing and funny and vibrant like it would make less sense if everyone DIDNT fall in love with her frankly. But anyway I mention this cause while I dont think CKH has the charm of Amy Poehler she might be able to make her character charming and lovable enough that it makes sense why Joo Won falls for her at some point even if she's not super pretty or his age)
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