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Oh, Good God.

According to Koala, the latest contenders for the leading lady role in Yoochun's melo 'I Miss You' are Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Jung.

TPTB must really hate me!

Those are the only two kdrama actresses I cannot stand. I might even be prepared to tolerate Jang Nara more than those two. GHS is the worst kdrama actress I've ever seen - I can deal with wooden but it's hard to ignore when someone on your screen constantly emotes like a chipmunk on speed - I've seen her in Boys Over Flowers, Absolute Boyfriend, The King and I, that ridiculous Eric fusion thing, and she was uniformly unbearable in every single one. To add insult to injury, she has little chemistry with her costars and I don't find her in the least good-looking. UGH. BARF.

Lee Min Jung is objectively pretty (though she makes me think of a borzoi for some reason), and isn't as teeth-grindingly bad as GHS but I just cannot stand her. That started with BOF, where her appearance (and utterly ridiculous amounts of screentime) signified the turning point of when this drama went from awesome to flaming trainwreck. The disaster that was BIG did not help. In general, she just irritates me for some reason. I mean, I even skipped MIDAS with my obsession Jang Hyuk because she was in it.

Basically, either one of them in, I am out. The end.


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