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Five Fingers is really really so good! (Don't get me started on it being beaten in the ratings by brain-dead May Queen). I've liked it from the start, but with the latest batch of episodes, I am officially "I want to binge on everything" obsessed.

It helps that in these latest episodes, Ji Ho has finally found what a cave of sharks he has been living with and giving his soul to and I am confident he can take them on and win. Joo Ji Hoon is rocking the role - he excels in these moments of stillness where you can tell a million thoughts are going on under the facade. When he finds out his mother tried to ruin him (and his later revelation about the rescue night) - I get genuinely scared by him. Because Ji Ho is a good person but you get the sense that he is good by choice and he is more than capable of ruthlessness and darkness and unleashing hell. Choi Sira is more and more excellent (of course) as Ji Ho's mother - their scenes are Oedipal in their complexity and longing and loathing. Young Ran is a monster but a pitiable one - her life with her abusive husband has broken her and she chooses to act out her darkness by getting revenge on Ji Ho, whom she sees as her husband's representative.

I love every interaction between them once he realizes she set him up. Poor guy. But it's best out, especially since he finally figures out about the rescue, as well.

Poor Ji Ho...

Oh, lady, it's over. Go watch Mawang and hide in terror.

Figuring out the truth about the night of the fire. I mainly have it here because JJH's bone structure is insane.

I expected to be fascinated by the mother-son dynamic. What I did not expect was to fall deeply and madly in love with the romance. Jin Se Yeon has improved tremendously from Gaksital and her Dami is such a shining soul of light and hope in this. I have every hope that Ji Ho will emerge from the darkness because he has her. She and Joo Ji Hoon have gorgeous chemistry together - it is not passionate but it is romantic beyond words. I turn into a pile of pink goo any time they are within ten feet of each other. They are so sane together, so compatible, so right. I especially love how she can make him happy even on worst days, even when his world is crashing around him.

I love how he tries to hide who he is, for her sake, and she refuses, taking off his hat and glasses, and proudly taking his hand in front of everyone. His face! She is like a breath of fresh, sane air. No noble idiocy for her.

The scene where he realizes she is the girl from his childhood is too gorgeous for words. (Also, I love that they fell for each other long before they figured out the childhood connection).

In the aftermath of his mother's betrayal, he finds her. And of course she makes him happy. (Btw, is it me, or was that lollipop a shout-out to Goong? :))

And this scene, which looks like a fairy-tale, really needs no words. Except that even next morning, it makes him smile.

Dami is smart, kind, compassionate, but also with unshaken self-respect and common sense. If anyone could have saved In Ha from his pathetic jealousy and darkness, it would have been her, but I love that she does not want to - she loves Ji Ho and makes it unmistakable to In Ha any time he steps out of line. In Ha is my least favorite character in this, because I want him to stop acting like a spoiled 5-year-old but he is interesting and, ironically, much more like his father, Young Ran's hated husband, than Ji Ho ever was. The way he obsesses over someone who doesn't want him is a pretty good example.

Here he is, being kinda nuts (and I love that she points it out) and being set down.

Yup, stalker.

I love emo rain. Now where are emo showers?

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