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Three of Mousie's favorite leading men all have upcoming dramas and, more excitingly, all three of those dramas sound amazing!!!!

1. As per Dramabeans, Jang Geun Seok has been cast by PD Yoon Suk Ho in his upcoming romantic drama Love Rides the Rain. JGS will play not one but two (!!!!!) leading men, separated by a generation. OMGOMGOMGOMG. For those who do not recognize his name, PD YSH is the man who brought us the biggest, emoest, most gorgeous Hallyu hits i.e. the Four Seasons dramas. They have their detractors but I loved Winter Sonata and Spring Waltz is one of my all-time favorites (have not seen Summer Scent, loved what I saw of Autumn Tale but the misery-filled ending made me wary of continuing). If this was announced this time last year, I would have been a little disappointed because of my lack of interest in JGS, but I confess Mary Stayed Out Last Night made me a hopeless fangirl. So JGS! In a likely gorgeous and romantic drama directed by a hit-making, awesome PD? Bring it on!

At the risk of turning into one of those fans, a small and ridiculous part of me is ridiculously hoping for Moon Geun Young to be cast as one of the leading ladies. Time to rewatch Mary, I believe.

2. As per Koalasplayground, Jung Woo Sung is also back - he is set to be the lead of Noh Hee Kyung's Padam Padam opposite Han Ji Min. *cosmic scream* I adore Jung Woo Sung to an unhealthy degree (Koala, if you are reading, he's yours, he's yours, I would not dare to fight Koala claws :P) Noh Hee Kyung penned my favorite kdrama of all time, Worlds Within, and I adore Han Ji Min (Capital Scandal, Resurrection, Cain & Abel) with a ridiculous degree of love. Plus, as Koala noted, the height difference is going to be mmmmmmmmm. I am extra-excited because JWS almost never makes dramas. His only drama in the last 15 (!!!!) years was the horrible disaster that was Athena (I curse your name, drama!). So EEEEEEE!!!!!!

3. As per pretty much everywhere in the drama world, Kim Rae Won is about to be discharged from his military service and is set to star opposite Su Ae (who I have yet to love in anything, but I remain eternally optimistic) in Thousand Day Promise, a romantic melodrama by Kim Soo Hyun (Life is Beautiful) about a man faced with the fact that the woman he loves is slowly forgetting him. Think A Moment to Remember or The Notebook and get out the tissues (I am going to ignore the fact that even early-onset Alzheimer's is still decades too old for Su Ae). Eeeee! Kim! Rae! Won! is back.

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