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My two amazing OTPs:

I was going to wait to do this until the weekend when I realized my oldest friend will be visiting this weekend, so if I wanted it done at all, I had to do it now.

Oh, and I stayed away from everyone's posts/caps/fics so as to be unspoiled. If you can please link me to your posts/caps/fics that I would have missed, I'd appreciate it.

(Thoughts and caps on these perfect episodes)

What strikes me is how domestic they are - he is putting on her bundle for her etc. And he tells her he is apprehensive to be apart from her - how far did CY come from that frozen, closed-off person who didn't even want to rest on her shoulder because it's unmanly.

I just like this shot.

He is pretty much saying his goodbyes. I love how concerned he is still over Gongmin.

I totally cracked up, btw, when I found out that Yuan wanted Eun Soo executed. Good luck keeping CY from rebelling. But that conversation with his aunt! CY is so unswerving and amazing. He can't stay no matter what it means for Gongmin, no matter that he knows he can't ever return. He is willing to give up all his future for the 20 days with Eun Soo. And it kills me, that he tells his aunt there is not much to give up as he doesn't remember anything in the palace prior to when ES showed up. If you don't give them a happy ending, drama!

New hair! I love it! It's symbolic of him giving up duty for love etc but I mainly love that the wild untamed look is back.

My favorite thing about this drama are CY/ES roadtrips so I totally got excited they are going on another one.

This scene! Their easy comfort! His checking her poison site (and the way they are so easy with touching now), the way he pats his shoulder for her to lean on (he has gotten addicted to her touch, and craves it now) and the way they cuddle into each other. The way he tells her "I trust you" when she says the poison is OK for now. She has all his faith. The way he asks her if there is anything about this world she liked and is so anxious and sad when she doesn't reply right away (asking 'anything?' again) and the way she responds that yes, it's his way of talking that she likes. They are so perfect. In a way, this trip is the first step of a complicated leave-taking, but the separation is far enough, that it's not full- on misery yet - instead, they are determined to make the best of every moment they have.

I don't have a cap of it, but it broke my heart when Gongmin forgot he let CY go and called out for him during discussion of the upcoming war.

But of course the bad guys won't leave well enough alone and now there is a manhunt. They don't know so they walk into the innn (though CY's killer instincts are sensing something is going on). There is the whole thing where she wants booze and she totally wins that argument - he really can't win ANY disagreement with her now, LOL. And how he tells her to duck when he says to and says 'duck' and she does (as I said, they trust in each other 100% now) and he takes out the whole inn of killers. And she gets up and drinks her booze and comments that their wanted posters don't look much like them (and I love that she does that, because CY needs that - he needs her not freaking out because then he'd worry for her).

I love how Nogook comes to drag Gongmin to bed and GM is all sheepish "I was about to come, promise" and she listens to his problems and then gets nauseous and he totally freaks out and is all 'my queen' (meeeelt) but it turns out she is pregnant and they are both so glowing and he is almost crying and I am in awe of how far they've come.

She looks for him but he is guarding her and is all 'go back, I will guard you.' But of course, she doesn't. And they have this amazing conversation where she asks him if he's ever done what he wanted, not what others asked him to, and he says, quietly, without any pomp 'yesterday...and today.' And I die. There is also the bit that she made him see killing differently and it means he can't protect the King, and I cheer because she has woken humanity in him, hasn't she? It's the very matter-of-fact way he says it that kills me. And then bad guys attack and she goes back in and she looks through the shutters but now it's not disgust at his killing or anything, just relief that he is all right.

She tries to teach him all sorts of things - 'aja aja' (though, tellingly, she leaves out 'fighting!'), the pinky-swear (so if you swear that way, you won't have to give your life up if you can't keep your word), the high-5. And throughout it all, he is so puzzled and amused and loving. And I realize she wants to leave him something, to help him somehow, even when she is not there any more.

He smiles at her even when they are on the run for their lives. Because they are together.

Oh God, darlings. They are functional and so happy and I know what is coming.

I just ... they are running hand in hand!

She reads a letter from her past/future self (complicated) and so looks like death when he finds her and he is so concerned she is hurt but she just wants him to hold her. And when she holds his face, OMFG. I have no words. And he holds her arm and she tells him she found that letter and it's an utterly insane story if you think about it, but he tells her "I believe it because it's you." Oh, he has so much unswerving, utter faith in her, in everything she does and says and is. They kill me.

Ummm, mind in gutter. She isn't so well, so he gets water and she drinks from his hand! Ummm, please tell me I am not the only one who found this sexy as hell. And to check if she has a fever, she touches his forehead to compare with hers (as he is kneeling at her feet, looking up at her. My heart!) I think I am in shipper heaven.

Gongmin falling to pieces because Nogook is kidnapped. It's a small preview into the hell he is going to experience 15+ years from now, only then there will be no reprieve.

She tells him they have to go back to the palace and I love how they even fight about it because each is determined to do best for the other. But is there any doubt who wins? (Also, when she matter-of-factly refers to him as 'my man' eeeeee!) And she says she will come even if there is risk of execution, and he says he'll protect her. (Interestingly, to Gi Chul if she comes back instead of running to heaven's door, it will be proof ES is a fake because he cannot conceive of disinterested goodness - that is his flaw).

Gongmin has really lost it and has to be dissuaded from jailing and torturing the Yuan envoy.

Nogook, who is so brave and smart and pure in her love, just kills me.

Oh, Gongmin.

With disgusting sociopath Deok Heung, who really enjoys power over and misery of other people more than anything. And DH is gloating and horrible and Gongmin is begging, tears in his eyes, offering the crown for Nogook despite knowing DH would just give the country to Yuan. I think this interlude really shows to him what CY must have felt (as he talks about earlier) but also shows him CY and he are the same - ready to give up anything for the one they love.

They are arguing in front of Lady Choi like a total married couple. They even give her identical looks. LOL.

He is clutching her scarf as a lifeline. Oh Gongmin.

With CY! And I love their bond, and this scene, with GM's soul laid bare, really, and CY being his strength but also saying he didn't really come back, he came back because ES wanted it, showing that ES >>> everything to him. And GM telling CY "I gave away my country" (which DH didn't take btw because he loves torturing people) and yes, he ans CY are the same.

ES = amazing.

Guuuuh! This scene! He was so dead-worried for her and then he cannot stop touching her and just - honestly, I am reduced to kindergarten level and have no words.

Gongmin haunted by Nogook, terrified she is dead.

But he still has a spine of steel and tells Yuan envoy to fuck off and that it's war. CY coming back brought his soul back to him - because CY is his soul, as much as Nogook is his heart.

I haven't cheered the way I cheered when CY rescued Nogook, in a long time.

But she lost the baby and ES has to tell that to Gongmin. And then this scene! Where CY sees her crumple and silently steps in front of her, being her wall, her shield from the world, holding her hand mutely, offering her silent comfort, letting her cry into his back.

This scene broke me. Especially how she first faces away from him but then turns into him, almost burrowing, seeking comfort, and they both cry together for their loss. I hope they slowly roast DH on a spit. (Side note - when Nogook told her evil kidnapper earlier 'I cannot die before the King' because she knew how much it would destroy GM - these two couples love and dedicate themselves to their loved one so utterly).

He offers to preemptively kill their enemies so she'd be safe but she doesn't want to, because she doesn't want him killing if he doesn't have to. She says she'll look for a safe place.

The scene where he discusses if his sword is getting to heavy - i.e., he's killed too many (and finds out his master started feeling like this before his death. I think than can absolve him of the guilt over that death?) And I hope this means there is peace in his future - a respite from blood and killing. Please please please.

Bwahahahahaha, I love how his men are all 'we have a new recruit, ummm...'

I about died. So basically, the safest place she wants to stay in for the remainder of her time in Goryo is his room? Yes please!

The Shippers are at it again! Heee!

This scene! She is all "I am staying here" and he is all "well, where would I stay" and she says "this is the General's room and you are the General" as he is slowly, purposefully, and very sexily backing her up against a wall, and they grin at each other, and I swear, he is about two seconds from tearing the armor from her and I am 100% certain there will be some sexy sexy sexy times going on right after the credits.

If there is a more perfect set of eps, I have yet to see them.


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